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How to Transfer Text Messages from Old Galaxy to S7/S7 Edge

"I know that you are not happy when working for your former company and now you change a job in a company you are interested. What I want to say is that I really hope you to get a better life and you can live a life with your own style.As your best friend, how regretful I was when you are in your worst condition, I was not in your side to accompany you. So after knowing the final decision you have made, of course I will fully support you and I want you to know that you will always have me. My dear friend, give my best wishes to you." Every time I see this text message, it always moves me a lot and I usually feel that it is so lucky for me to have possession of such a close friend in my life. I will store the text message in my phone forever so that I can look at it when facing with difficult time.

However, due to buying a new phone Galaxy S7 Edge, I have little chance to use my old phone Galaxy S6, thus I can not often see the text message which was written by my best friend. As a people who like to keep small thing such as storing the text messages in the phone, I really don't want to just remain them in my Galaxy S6. It is essential for me to transfer the text messages from my old Galaxy phone to Galaxy S7 Edge. Therefore, when knowing the useful software, MobileTrans introduced by my colleague, I am so excited that I can't wait to try to transfer my text messages at once. It is very easy to use MobileTrans.There are five steps in all, as shown in the following steps.

Directly Transfer Text Messages from Old Galaxy to S7 & S7 Edge

Step 1. Download, install and launch the MobileTrans.

Download and install this Mobiletrans. Then, launch it on your PC. As you can see,there are four options you can choose. Move your mouse to “Phone to Phone Transfer” and left-click "Start" .


Step 2. Click on "Phone to Phone Transfer".

You must select a solution for "Phone to Phone Transfer" and then click on it.

Step 3. Connect both of your Galaxy phones to the computer using USB cables, then waiting for MobileTrans to recognize both devices.

After making a connection between your old Galaxy phone and your Galaxy S7 Edge, if you want to exchange the position of your phones, you can click on the "Flip" button above the content you would like to copy.

Step 4. Select the text messages and other data that you would like to transfer and check the boxes in front of them. You can check the "Clear data before copy" if you want to wipe the destination phone before transferring data.

Step 5. Make a click on "Start Copy" to begin. Be sure to keep both Galaxy phones connected through the entire process to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Following the steps above correctly, apart from transfering the text messages easily, you can also have a good command of data transfer by using MobileTrans which is really a good helper.What's more, it is an extremely safe and risk-free software. Just try it.

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