How to Transfer Data from Backup File to Samsung Android

“Because my car in repair, so I had to take the subway to work this morning, I would rather have a traffic jam, also don’t want to take a crowded subway, what’s worse, my new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which just bought last week was stolen by a sneak thief. Even though I hate the thief very much, but relative to our new cell phone, my data is more important to me, especially the contacts, photos, notes and calendar, I used the iPhone 5s before, after transferring data from my iPhone to S6 Edge+, I have resold my old iPhone, what’s worse, I have no any backup file, what can I get back my data, I am very regret that I have not back up my mobile phone.” – Said by Brian Cousins.

Although backing data up from your phone will cost your precious time, but termly back up your phone data is very necessary, so that you can restore your data when it lost or being deleted. But unfortunately, most of Samsung and other Android users are have no the habit of regularly backup data. In fact, no matter what mobile phone your are using now, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Lumia, or even the BlackBerry phone, once you have back your phone data up, you can extract and transfer it to your new phone or tablet with the help of some data transfer program, just like the all-purpose Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a depth user high praise data transferring tool which allows you to backup and restore your phone data. With the help of this program, you can one click to back up your data from Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows phone and tablet to PC, and extracting to restore the backup files to any supported devices. Besides, you can also direct transfer data from phone to phone by using Mobile Transfer. Given the large population using Samsung and other Andorid mobile phones, in this article, we will show you how to extract and transfer data from your backup files to Samsung or other Android phone with the help of Mobile Transfer.


Before you can back up and restore you phone data, you need to install and run the software on your computer, the program prevides two trial version for Windows or Mac user to have a try, just click to download below:


After the installation, launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then you can see the main interface, since the Mobile Transfer can back up your data from Samsung and other Android phones to PC, so you can also restore this MobileTrans backup file back to your Samsung and Android phones with Mobile Transfer. Just three simple steps, you can do a backup with your phone: Choose “Back Up Your Phone” > Connect your phone to the program > Select the wanted data and transfer them to your computer.


Part 1: Restore MobileTrans Backup to Samsung Android

To transfer the MobileTrans backup to Samsung or other Android devices, please back to the homepage of the program, and choose the panel of “Restore From Backups” and press “MobileTrans” to move on.

Click and find the previous backup file from the drop-down menu to let the program scan and extract the data inside it, when the scanning is finished, all the scanning result will be listed in the middle of window.

Select the data you want to transfer, then click “Start Copy” to move to your Samsung or other Android devices.


Part 2: Restore Kies Backup to Samsung Android

If you were using Samsung mobile phone or tablet before, or you just have a Samsung Kies Backup files, then you can choose the “Restore From Backups” option and press “Kies” to move on.

Select the file you would like to transfer from the available backup files on the left, then click on “Start Copy” to begin the transfer process.


Part 3: Restore OneDrive to Samsung Android

For Windows phone or Lumia phone users, when they need to restore the backup files of Windows phone to Samsung or other Android device, the best choice that must be the OneDrive. So, after choosing “Restore From Backups”, press “OneDrive”.

Sign in your OneDrive account so as to load your wanted backup file.

Now, the program can support to restore the contacts, photos, videos, music and more from OneDrive to Samsung or other Android devices. Choose the data you wanted and click “Start Copy” to go on.

Part 4: Restore iCloud Backup to Samsung Android

As one of the most common backup methods for iDevices’ user, restoring iCloud backup to a new Samsung or other Android devices, which is also ubiquity. In the homepage, select “Restore from Backups” option and select “iCloud” to go to the next screen.

Sign in your iCloud account in order to load your wanted iCloud backup file.

When your iCloud backup file have been complete download, check the data you wanted and click on “Start Copy” to transfer to your phone.


Part 5: Restore iTunes Backup to Samsung Android

In addition to iCloud, for an iPhone iPad or iPod user, you may also back up your device with iTunes. If you get a iTunes backup file, choose “Restore From Backups” in the main interface and select the “iTunes” item.

Click the nabla symbol on the left of the screen to select an iTunes backup file, the program will automatically extract all the transferable data from the selected backup.

Tick the data you wanted and click “Start Copy” to begin the process. Be sure to keep your phone connected through the whole transferring process.


Part 6: Restore BlackBerry Backup to Samsung Android

Mobile Transfer compatible with BlackBerry OS 7 & 10, and earlier, so if you back your BlackBerry phone data up with BlackBerry® Desktop Software V7 and V10, you can restore data like contacts, text messages, call logs and more from these BlackBerry backup files to Samsung or other Android devices with a click. Click on “Restore From Backups” > “BlackBerry”.

Choose a wanted BlackBerry backup file to extract the data inside it, then tick the check boxes in front of your wanted data and click “Start Copy”.


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