How to Erase All Data & Settings from Samsung Without Restore

Along with the Samsung continuously powerful and perfect, Samsung phone and tablet’s user will spend much more time on their devices every day, having a long telephone conversation, chatting with friends, taking photos/videos, surfing the Internet, playing games, sending SMS/MMS, shopping all that jazz. Precisely, as most of the smart phone, the Samsung phone is more than a microcomputer, plays a very important role in our daily life, just because of this, there are so many important contents store in our Samsung memory and the SD card inside it. Therefore, the problem appeared – As a result of the Samsung and other outstanding smartphone like iPhone’s update frequency very quickly, in pursuit of better experience, users have no need to fall in love with any one kind of mobile phone, so you may resell your Samsung phone, give it away, so as to buy a new phone.

How about the tons of data storing in Samsung? Out of question, permanent erase all contents and settings from Samsung phones or tablets before reselling or giving away. Besides, before giving someone repair your damaged Samsung, sending your device back to the factory or retail store, or donating your old mobile, you are also need to completely wipe you Samsung device so as to preventing others from stealing your personal private data, ensure those deleted data not recoverable by some professional Samsung data recovery softwares.

No matter what is the reason that you are wanting to erase your Samsung, that is a right decision. In this article, we will show you two simple methods to fully wipe all contents and settings from your Samsung phone or tablet without restore.

But one thing that need to be emphasized repeated, please remember to back up data from Samsung before wiping, because nothing can be restored once the erased process complete. Now, you can follow the below steps to have a try.

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Method 1. Erase All Data from Samsung With Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is a powerful and comprehensive software, which is its deep impression to all users. Exactly, with the help of Mobile Transfer, you can not only transfer data from phone to phone, backup & restore phone data, but also erase all data from your Android device with a click.


Step 1. Download, install and run the Mobile Transfer on your computer.

Step 2. Click “Erase Your Old Phone” mode in the homepage, and connect your Samsung device to computer via its USB cable.

Step 3. Erase all data on your Samsung device

Make sure Mobile Transfer recognizes your Samsung device. Type “delete” in the window to comfirm the deletion.

After that, click on “Erase Now” to let the program begins wiping your Samsung device. Keep your device connected through the entire process.

Method 2. Erase All Data from Samsung With Mobile Eraser

Mobile Eraser is by far the most professional phone data erasure tool, which can both erase all contents and settings from any Android devices without rooting, restore the device to factory setting, and permanently wipe your iPhone iPad and iPod touch. In addition, you can also free up your iDevices’ space with a click.


Step 1. Download, install and run the Mobile Erase on your computer as above.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your Samsung device

Connect your Samsung device to the computer by using USB cable, before wiping your device, please ensure you have enable USB debugging on your device. If not, please follow the program’s tips to enable USB debugging on your Samsung according to different operating system.

Step 3. Erase all data from your Samsung device

When your device is recognized, you can see the window as below, click on the “Erase All Data” option.

On the next pop-up screen, enter “delete” to confirm the order and move on.

When the erasing begins, keep your device connected and wait until the process is complete. Once the wiping finished, you will found all contents like contacts, music, movies, photos, apps, and other personal data on your Samsung device are gone.

Now, you need to follow the instruction on your Samsung’s screen to press “Factory Data Reset” or “Erase All Content” on the device to wipe all system settings.


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