How to Transfer Photos Videos from Android Samsung to Galaxy S7 Edge

In February 21st, the night before the opening of the MWC2016, Samsung held a grand press conference, the conference brought us new Samsung series flagship S7 and S7 edge. Galaxy S7 edge’s screen size is 5.5 inches, the design of S7 edge is full of modern fashion sense. Previously, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge announced a set of official photo proofs, the effect of the screen is amazing, very good performance in details. The camera upgrade makes a lot of people who love photography have idea for change mobile phone.

My friend Toni is a photography enthusiast, he love taking photos at hand with mobile phone. When S7 edge was released, he told me that he was going to buy it. But his old mobile phone has many beautiful pictures, he hopes to transfer them to the new mobile phone, but he did not know how to do is the most convenient.

Therefore, I recommended to him a software – PhoneTrans.

PhoneTrans is a powerful data processing software. It can not only transfer data in different mobile phone systems, can also use mobile phone data format. It can meet our requirements for data backup, and restore the backup data to the mobile phone. It makes our data organized, regular. At the same time, make our data not missing.


Then, let me include how to transfer photos videos from your old Samsung and other Android devices to Galaxy S7 Edge by using PhoneTrans.

Transfer Photos & Videos from HTC/Samsung/LG/Sony/Huawei/ZTE to Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 1. Download and Run the Software

To begin with, you have to prepare a PC and two USB cables, and then download the software on your computer, install and run, you will see the main window. As shown in the figure below.

Click on the “Phone to Phone Transfer”, and then click “Start” in the blue box to continue.

Step 2. Connect Your Phones to Your Computer

This moment,the left side shows the source of the phone, and the right is the destination of the phone. You need to connect your phones to your computer via the USB lines. After the connection, it will display the main interface of the phone.

Step 3. Transfer Photos and Videos from Old Phone to S7 Edge

At the main interface, you can choose some labels. Then, you should check the photos and videos, click “Start Transfer”. When the transfer is complete, click “OK”. Also, you need to ensure that the connection between the phone and the computer is normal.

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