How to Transfer Contacts from Old Sony to Sony Xperia Z5

I like taking photos, prefer to use mobile phones to take photos. SONY is famous with the camera function. I think Sony phone camera is very good. SONY is famous with the camera function. Unfortunately, my SONY phone often crash. And front-facing camera doesn’t work. SONY launched a new mobile phone—Z5. With the support of my brother, I bought this phone. Fingerprint lock but the function of taking photos is very good. Therefore, there is a problem has been bugging me. I often save contacts on phone. When I change my phone, I can’t find anyone’s telephone number.

On the recommendation of a friend, Phone Transfer helped me to solve this problem. In fact, Phone Transfer is an useful software, which is a tool of transferring contacts from one Sony smartphone to another, just like any old Sony to Sony Z5. It can also transfer apps, text messages, photos, videos, music and so on from one phone to other phone, no matter your phone is running the system of Android, iOS, Symbian and even Windows.

Now, let me tell you how to use the magic of software – Phone Transfer. What you need to do firstly is download the software by clicking the buttons below, and prepare a PC and two data cables.


Three Simple Steps to Transfer Contacts And More from Old Sony to Sony Xperia Z5

Step 1: Run the Software

Open the software after installation, then, it will pop up the following interface. Click on the biggest panel of “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start”.

Step 2: Contact the phone to the computer

Connect both your old and new Sony phones to the computer through the data cables. After the software recognizes both devices, it will pop up the windows. You need to make sure their position. If they are wrong, you can click “Flip” to change them.

Step 3:Choose the content to copy

Click the “Contacts” and then click on the blue button “Start Transfer”. Wait a second, the transferring is done ,it will pop up new windows. Please click “NotNow” and then click “OK”.

You look! What a wonderful software. Mobile Transfer is good for someone like me. Don’t worry about the contacts stored in phone. We can copy the contacts by Mobile Transfer. Let me have a try!