How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer

“As a sales manager, the customer is my God, I have to keep close contact with some customers. However, as my business continues to expand, more and more of my clients, the number of contacts naturally also increasing. So I always think that is very important to keep the contacts complete. To protect data on my contacts from being loss, I think nothing is more secure than a backup to computer. If before I would easily back up my contacts from iPhone to computer or iTunes, but I just changed a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, this is my first time to use Android device, I don’t know how to transfer contacts from my Samsung to PC, I do not have much time to search the forum for tutorial, anyone who can directly tell me how to do it, please help!”

As one of the most important content in mobile phone, regularly backup contacts is very necessary. To completely transfer contacts from Android to computer, you may have tried many methods, however, one of the most effective and direct way is using Android Contacts Transfer tool.

Android Contacts Transfer allows you one click to transfer contacts, photos, videos, text messages, call history, apps and more from almost all Android phones and tablets to computer for backup. In addition of supporting to many brand of Android device, the program also compatible with iOS device. Now you can downloading to install a Android Contacts Transfer and follow the tutorial below to sync your Android contacts.


Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer for Backup

Step 1. Run Android Contacts Transfer and get your Android device connected

After downloading and installing Android Contacts Transfer, launch it on your computer. Then take out your Android device’s USB cable to connect it to computer, of course, you can also connect with WiFi. Once your device is successful recognized by the program, you can see the windows as below.

Step 2. Transfer Android contacts to computer

Click the option of your wanted data in the left sidebar, here please click “Contacts“, then you can see the detailed info on the right window, now you are allowed to view and check those what you want, and click on “Export” > “Export selected contacts to computer” button at the top to start transferring.

Besides, if you want to backup all your data from Android to computer, Android Contacts Transfer also provides one-click backup function. In the primary window, go to “One-Click Backup“.

All the content are selected by default in the pop-up window. You can uncheck the data you don’t want, then choose a save path for the backup files. If done, simple click “Backup Up” to begin transfering your data.

Note: Before the process is complete, please do not disconnect your phone.