How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to HTC One M10

Recently, I want to change a mobile phone. My Samsung mobile phone has been in use for two years. It often crash. I heard that HTC’s new mobile phone – HTC One M10 is good. Its RAM is very large, 4GB of RAM. My old Samsung phone only have 2GB. After I changed the mobile phone, it has a problem bother me. I often save contacts on the phone not on the SIM card or SD card. When I change my phone, I have to type-in all my phone number to the new HTC one by one, and I also need ask someone’s number to save again. Obviously, it will waste me time, what’s worse, there are over one thousand contacts on my Samsung, this is definitely a cross-century project. It is clearly unacceptable, isn’t it?

At this time, Mobile Transfer comes into my sight and save my contacts and more. To a large extent, it helps me to save my time and energy. Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one tool of phone data transfer. Through it, we can Transfer contacts from Samsung to HTC One M10 with a few simple steps. It can also transfer text messages, photos ,videos and so on from one phone to another phone without data losing.

Come on, let me teach you to use this software. Before transferring, you also need a PC and two data cables.


Three Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to HTC One M10

Step1: Download and run the software

Download the Mobile Transfer on the PC. Open the software after that. Then, the homepage will pop up the following picture. Click on the button of phone to phone transfer to go on.

Step2: Connect your phones with the PC

Connect both your old and new phones to the computer through the corresponding data cable. After the software recognizes both devices, you can see them display on the windows. If the location of the mobile phone is wrong, you can click on “Flip” to exchange them.

Step3:Choose the content you wanted to copy

Click the “Contacts” and then click on the blue button “Start Transfer”. After some minutes, a new window will pop up to tells the transferring is finish. Please click “Not Now” and then click “OK”.

All in all, this is the use of the normal steps. Mobile Transfer get me a good ways to save contacts on the HTC ONE M10. If you often save contacts on your phone just like me. When you buy a new phone, this software is worth a try.