How to Tansfer icloud Data to Android

I have a Samsung Android phone and need to transfer my iCloud contacts to that phone. How do I accomplish this? Because my new iPhone 6 have been stolen by others, and all the important files only saved in iCloud, but now my sister have gave me another android device Samsung galaxy phone, I have clean up all the files in the Samsung galaxy phone, and then I need to transfer all the data from iCloud to android Samsung galaxy phone. How can I do it?

Many iOS users may have the same problem that they don’t know how to transfer their iCloud data to android phone, as more and more time, iOS users have saved more and more personal data in their iOS device, but if some iOS users want to transfer to the different operating android system, If I were in your shoes, the very first thing that I’d want to transfer to my new Android phone would be all my files list. Especially since I use my smartphone as a phone more than anything else, contacts and photos are at the top of the list of data types that I’d consider most important. Then if you want to transfer iCloud data to android, next, we will recommend you the third-party Mobile Transfer.

Whit the professional Mobile Transfer tool-Phone to Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer all the data from iCloud to android device just one click, what’s more, backup & restore phone data, but also allows you to permanently erase all data from your old Android or iOS device with a click.

Next, let us share you several easy steps to transfer data from iCloud to android mobile phone.

First, please download the free trail version and have a try.


How to Transfer Data from iCloud to Android

Step 1. Download and install the program

Install and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer, click the iCloud icon in the restore block, and then enter the Restore from iCloud backup mode.

Step 2 .sign in your iCloud account and connect your android phone

Login your iCloud account and connect your Android device to the program after you entering the restore mode.

Step 3. Select and download an iCloud backup

After login your iCloud account, you can view all the previous iCloud backup created with this account. Select the iCloud backup you wanted from the list to download it. The process will not take your much of time.

Note:Keep you network stay connected.

Step 4. Transfer iCloud data to android

When the download work finished, you can see the transferable data showwing on the middle panel of window, including contacts, text messages, photos, call history, whatsapp chat history, notes, videos and more, choose the data you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”?to transfer files from iCloud backup to your target Android device.