How to Transfer All Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will launch a 5 inch version, which will use borderless OLED screen, and the fuselage is glass design, similar to the iPhone 4. At the same time, it supports wireless charging, and removes the physical Home key, meaning that the Touch ID button is integrated under the glass screen.

Since the launch of iPhone in 2007, I will buy every generation of iPhone. I’ve tried 4.7 inches, and I’ve had the experience of 5.5 inches version. So I want to buy a 5 inch iPhone 8. However, I have a difficult problem. This time I want to transfer all the data from my old iPhone to iPhone 8, what should I do?

You can use Mobile Transfer. It can provide you with a simple and quick way to transfer all the data on the phone to iPhone 8. You just need to move the phone data in three steps, and the data types that can be transferred are rich and varied. Contacts, photos, videos, text messages, music, calendar, call history and other data can be transferred by MobileTrans. A variety of devices can use this software, not only Samsung, iPhone, as well as HUAWEI, SONY, LG, ZTE, etc..


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 8

Step 1. Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer on your computer

Firstly, instsll and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Next, find and choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the main interface, click on “Start” to enter the transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect the phones to the computer

Next, you need to prepare two USB lines. Then, connect your iPhones to your computer with a USB cable. When your phone is successfully connected to your computer, your old iPhone should be shown on the left, and iPhone 8 should be shown on the right. You can exchange theirs position by clicking “Flip”.

Step 3. Transfer the selected data to iPhone 8

Finally, there are some options between the two phones. By default, all the options are checked, you just click “Start Transfer”. When the data is transferred to iPhone 8, click “OK”.

Be careful, please ensure that the connection between the two phones and computers is normal.