How to Transfer Call Logs from iPhone to iPhone 7 (Plus)

How to transfer the call logs in two iPhone? We may encounter this kind of problem. When iPhone has been updated again and again the iPhone in our hands is also updating. Today, iPhone 7 is also about to be released in September. The existing iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and even iPhone 6 are slowly being eliminated. Therefore, we will face the problem of file transfer. So, how to transfer the call logs from the old iPhone to iPhone 7? Is there a simpler and more efficient way to do it?

Mobile Transfer is a useful and convenient software to deal with the transfer of data between iPhones. Under normal circumstances, Mobile Transfer can complete the task in a minutes. And the process is safe. You can use the software to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call logs and other documents in iPhone as well.


Steps to Transfer Call Historys from iPhone to iPhone 7 (Plus)

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer and Choose a Transfer Mode

First download and install the program, then run it on your computer. Select “Phone to Phone Transfer” and click on “Start” to enter the tranfer mode.

Step 2. Connect Your iPhones to PC

Please via the USB cable to connect your two iPhones. Then the phone will be automatically detected. As you can see below, the old iPhone is shown on the left, represents the source phone, while the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is displayed on the right side, representing the destination phone. You can also click on the “Flip” to change the identity of the two mobile phones.

Step 3. Transfer the Call History to iPhone 7/7 Plus

At this point, you need to check the type of file you want to transfer. Click “Start Transfer”. However, make sure that these two phones are connected in this process. Finally, when the target is completed, click “Ok”. Next, if you don’t have any other requirements, you can close the program directly.