How to Transfer Data from iPhone 4S/5S to iPhone 7 (Plus)

Next month is my girlfriend’s birthday. I want to buy an iPhone 7 as her birthday present, because hers secondhand iPhone 4S had used for a long time, and the screen has been aging. Why will I choose iPhone 7, not only due to the iPhone 7 more thinner than any other iPhone model, more important is that it adds many new elements and techniques. What is more, it will use the Lighting interface and bluetooth as the main way of audio output interface, replacing the traditional 3.5mm headphone slot. I can imagine that my girlfriend’s surprised face. Besides, I have download a software – Phone Transfer,which makes transfer data possible.

Phone Transfer can easily transfer your personal data from phone to phone, including contacts, photos, text messages, music, calendar, video, apps and call logs. It allows you to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone quickly and safely. Now, let me tell you how to use this Phone Transfer.

Now, please don’t rush to buy our software, you can free download a Windows or Mac trial version of Phone Transfer on your computer, and try the various functions of the program.


Guide: Transfer Data from iPhone 4S/5S to iPhone 7 (Plus)

Step 1. Preparatory work

You need to prepare a computer, two USB cables and two of your mobile phones.

Step 2. Run the Mobile Trans on your computer

First of all, free download a Mobile Transfer to your computer. Secondly, install the program on your computer. Last but not least, launch the program after installation.

Step 3. Connect your old iPhone and new iPhone to your computer

You need to connect your iPhones to your computer with an USB cables. After the connection is successful, the window will be the main interface with the two mobile phones, you can also click “Flip” to change the direction of data transmission.

Step 4. Transfer the selected data to new iPhone

When the mobile phone has contacted, the middle interface would have many options, you need to simple tick the data you want to transfer, and press “Start Transfer” to move them from phone to phone directly. After the transferring progress complete, click “OK” to finish it. In addition,be sure not to disconnect either of the phones.

Mobile Trans can also backup your data, restore from backups and erase your old phone. However, it is a remarkable fact that Mobile Transfer is not perfect as you think, in some systems, it can only convert individual data, such as the Android to WinPhone can only transfer photos, music and videos.