How to Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

The time of iPhone 7’s arrival is getting closer and closer. It is whispered that iPhone7 will have 4.7 inches version and 5.5 inches version. The 5.5-inches version will equipped a dual camera, a A10 processor and 2GB RAM, so that it can improve the photos quality. What’s more iPhone 7 may will become the slimmest iPhone among the history, because it may cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, in this way, its thickness of up to 6mm or so.

As a loyal Apple fan, I has used iPhone series several years, and this time I will also change my old iPhone to iPhone 7. But every time I change my iPhone, inevitably will encounter such a problem, how to transfer my photos and videos. I am very enjoy travelling, so my iPhone is storaging many photos and videos about the scenery. Well, if you have the same question, I hope this article could give you a little help.

Mobile Transfer, a professional transmission software, I have been used to transfer data several time. It can transfer almost all data in your devices to different system such as Android, iOS, Symbian and Winphone. The most important is it can not need to be worried your data will loss, Mobile Transfer can guarantee your data is not damaged.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode

First, download, install and launch Mobile Transfer, we will see its four functions. Let us choose the blue one “Phone to Phone Transfer” and click on “Start” to go on.

Step 2. Connect Your Devices to PC

Now connect your two iPhone devices to the computer via USB cables. Please note that the source phone should be set on the left, while the destination phone is on the right. If you reverse them, just need to click “Flip” to exchange their position.

Step 3. Choose the Files and Transfer to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Then, we can choose the files in the contents list. I will check the “Photos” and “videos” box. By the way, if we want to erase your new phone, we can check the “Clear Data before Copy” box. Finally, click the “Start Transfer” button to begin the transmission process and it will last for a while, please be patient and keep the USB cables is connected.

Note: The “Clear Data before Copy” box, which is under the destination device image, can help you erase data on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus before transferring.