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How to Recover Deleted and Lost Videos from iPhone X

iPhone X, overturning one of the flagship machines of tradition. The design is as like as two peas lasted for three years, iPhone X finally ushered in the great change - a 5.8 inch screen covers almost the entire fuselage, extends to the edge of your mobile phone, familiar with the Home key disappeared. Despite the evolution of "full screen", the border, bevel, and radian of the iPhone X are consistent. Compared with millet MIX 2, iPhone X R corner more mellow. The machine is also more lanky, and from the visual point of view, the border of the iPhone X is somewhat wide.

There is no doubt that iPhone X will cause a lot of panic buying. Buying new phones is a fun thing to do, but data transfer and recovery are less convenient. Video is commonly used in our lives. Many people have video recordings of meetings, learning materials and so on. Importance can be imagined. However, many people do not know how to retrieve video. After all, there are many uncontrollable factors that make data loss.

iPhone Data Recovery is definitely your best bet. This is a software focused on the mobile phone industry. It has many functions and is very powerful and practical. Such as restoring data, repairing the system, backing up data, extracting data from backup, and so on. So restoring deleted and lost videos from iPhone X is a piece of cake for dr.fone toolkit - iPhone Data recovery. The important thing is that it's safe and that iPhone Data recovery will not cause any damage to your iPhone X during the recovery process. Please feel free to use it.


Steps to Recover Deleted & Lost Videos from iPhone X

Step 1. Connect the iPhone X to the computer

Launch the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Connect the iPhone X to the computer using the USB cable that comes with the iOS device. Click "Data Recovery", and then select "Recover from iOS Device" option.

Note: Before you run the program, you should download the latest version of iTunes. Also, in order to avoid automatic synchronization, please remember to disable the automatical syncing function on your iTunes.

Step 2. Scan iPhone X for lost data on it

Click the "Start Scan" button to let iOS Data recovery scan your iPhone X to find data that has been deleted or lost. During scanning, if you see the data you want to find there, you can click the pause button to stop the process.

Step 3. Preview the scanned data

Scanning will not take much of your time. When it have finished, you can see the scan results generated by the program. You can preview the data you have found by clicking on the file type on the left. You can see a search box in the upper right corner of the window. You can search for specific files by typing keywords in the search box.

Step 4. Recover the selected videos from iPhone X

When you find the data you need, select them. If you just want to restore the video, select it, and then click the restore button in the lower right corner of the window. By default, the recovered data will be saved to your computer.

If you can not find the data that you want to recovered from your iPhone X after scanning, please don't worry, as long as you have an iTunes or iCloud backup file, iPhone Data Recovery also allows you to extract your videos from iTunes or iCloud backup files, highest priority, you can have a try by following the below tutorials:

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