How to Recover Deleted and Lost Photos/Pictures from iPhone X

We all know that the price of iPhone X is very expensive, but we didn’t know it was worth a fortune. IPhone X uses a dual 12 million pixel camera, wide-angle lens aperture, telephoto lens aperture F1.8 upgrade to F2.4, double lens optical image stabilization, and the use of four LED lights. Zero delay shutter, you can more accurately seize the critical moment. Front camera 7 million pixels, aperture F2.2, with depth of field identification function, you can shoot portrait mode self timer. It has 12 million pixel sensors, new color filters, deeper pixels, and a new telephoto lens to support optical image stabilization, which is larger and faster than ever. The two rear shots feature an optical image anti shake, and the response is so fast that even under weak light, pictures and videos with superior results can be produced. To save the beautiful photos from being deleted, I’ll introduce a software to you.

The software what I say is iPhone Data Recovery. iPhone Data Recovery can recover data include photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and more from any iPhone directly, as well as restoring data from iTunes/iCloud backup file with a click. During the following, I will tell you how to recover deleted photos pictures from iPhone X by using this tool.


Steps to Recover Deleted Photos Pictures from iPhone X

Step 1. Select the recovery mode and connect the iPhone X

First of all, you should download, install and run the iPhone Data Recovery. Then choose the mode of “Data Recovery” and select “Recover from iOS Device” option. Next, connecting your iPhone X to your computer.

Note: I advice you disable the automatical syncing in iTunes beforehand.

Step 2. Scan Your iPhone X for deleted data on it

For this way please click “Star Scan” at the right of the interface. So that the software will scan your iPhone X, and during the scanning, if you see that the data you’re looking for is there, then you can click the “Pause” to stop the process.

Note: Please wait patiently during the scanning for not missing any important data.

Step 3. Preview the scanning data

After the scanning, you will see a window with the scan result which including the deleted and the exiting result. To meet your need you can swipe the option “Only display the deleted items” to on.

Step 4. Recover deleted photos pictures from iPhone X

Then you can check “Photos” and click on “Recovery”. Of course it has two button, one is “Recover to Computer” and the other is “Recover to Device”, and you can click one of them for your need.

In addition to restoring the lost photos and pictures from your iPhone X directly, the program also allows you to extract your photos/pictures from iTunes or iCloud backup files, if you can not find the lost contents on your iPhone after scanning, and you just have an iTunes or iCloud backup files, you can have a try by following the below tutorials: