How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 7/7 Plus

As we all know, Samsung and Apple are already old rivals, this year, they are both ready to launch their new phone. But I am more inclined to
iPhone 7, my old phone is a Samsung phone, at first, Samsung still have a smooth use. When you used it after a period of time, it will become slow and close background software automatically. So, I want to exchange it and buy a iPhone 7.

Apple’s official said it will launch a 5.5 inches screen, 3GB memory, 14 million pixels, 256GB and 3100mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 7 version. In addition, iPhone7 may also have 3D Touch, flexible displays, and waterproof, wireless charging and many other cool technology. However, when I change my phone from Samsung to iPhone 7, my contacts data can be transfer by some simple way?

Don’t worry about it, every time I change my phone, I will use Mobile Transfer to help us transfer my data to the new phone. Mobile Transfer is a expert for transmission, it can transfer almost all your files to iOS, Android, Symbian and Winphone system. Well, the following article will guide you how to use this software.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode

Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer. Then we will see its four functions, just select the blue one “Phone to Phone Transfer” and click on “Start”.

Step 2. Connect Your Devices to Computer

When the software enter next interface, we can connect the two devices to PC via USB cables. If we reverse them, we can click “Flip” to exchange their position. Then, Mobile Transfer will recognize your devices automatically.

Step 3. Choose the Files and Transfer them

Now, we can choose the files in the contents list what we want. Let us check the “Contacts” box. You can check the “Clear Data before Copy”, If you want to erase your phone. Eventually, click the “Start Transfer” button to begin transmission. Please keep your devices connected and be patient, the transmission process will last for a little while.

Note: The “Clear Data before Copy” box, which is under the destination device image, can help you erase data on the destination device before transferring.