Transfer Data to Motorola Edge X30/S30 and Recover Data on Motorola Edge X30/S30

Summary: Smartphones are serving us all the time. Please don’t let the problems of data transfer and data recovery affect your user experience. After reading this article, you will know how to quickly and effectively transfer the data from any old smartphone including iPhone and Android phone to the new Motorola Edge X30/S30, and how to safely recover the lost or deleted data from Motorola Edge X30/S30.

At the latest product launch conference, Motorola released two brand-new flagship phones, Moto Edge X30 and Moto Edge S30. Moto Edge X30 represents Motorola’s exploration and breakthrough in the top performance of the mobile terminal. Moto Edge X30 Worldwide First Generation Snapdragon 8 Processor. Shooting performance, fully upgraded to 50 million wide-angle main camera+50 million ultra-wide-angle macro main camera and 60 million front main camera before the super-bottom three main camera system. On the screen side, the Moto Edge X30 features a 6.7 “1.07 billion color flexible OLED display that supports HDR10+, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and HBM solar panels. In terms of battery life, the Moto Edge X30 has a built-in 5000mAh battery with a 68W TurboPower quick charge.

As for the Moto Edge S30, which is powered by the high-pass Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, the front is a 6.8-inch FHD+ resolution LCD screen that supports refresh rates up to 144Hz and sampling rates up to 576Hz. In terms of shooting performance, the Moto Edge S30 is equipped with a combination of the rear three cameras of 108MP main camera (HM2 sensor) +16MP ultra wide-angle lens +2MP depth-of-field lens. For battery life, the Moto Edge S30 also uses a 5000mAh battery.

After a brief introduction to these two phones, we move on to today’s topics of how to quickly transfer data from an old Android phone or iPhone to a Motorola Edge X30/S30, and how to safely and effectively recover critical data missing from a Motorola Edge X30/S30. In the process, you only need to use two professional data processing software, then please follow our article, let us introduce one by one for you.

Part 1. Sync Data from Android/iPhone to Motorola Edge X30/S30

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, to transfer all data from one phone to Motorola Edge X30 or Motorola Edge S30, you just need the Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is an all-in-one data management software that helps hundreds of millions of smartphone users to transfer, backup and restore data between phones. With the help of this software, you can freely transfer various types of data, including photos, apps, songs, contacts, messages, videos, call logs, notes, calendar, and more. You may also selectively choose data to transfer by simply checking boxes. Next, let’s show you how to use this software in detail.


Step 1. Download the Mobile Transfer for Windows or Mobile Transfer for Mac on your computer, then install and run it.

Step 2. Choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” option on the primary interface and click on “Start”.

Step 3. Use two USB cables to connect your old Android/iPhone and the Motorola Edge X30/S30 to computer.

Tip: When your mobile phones are recognized by the program, please see if they are positioned correctly, that is, the old ones should be shown in the left panel box, and the Motorola Edge X30/S30 should be shown on the right. If you don’ t see the order, click the “Flip” button.

Step 4. When everything is ready, please check the check box in front of the data to be transferred, then click on “Start Transfer” to sync them from phone to phone.

Part 2. Sync Data from Backup Files to Motorola Edge X30/S30

Mobile Transfer also allows you to back up your phone data in a click, as well as restoring data from some specific backup files to any supported devices, just like your Motorola Edge X30 and Motorola Edge S30.


Step 1. Return to the homepage of the software, then click on “Restore from Backup” and choose “MobileTrans”.

Note: Which option to choose here depends on which tool you previously used to back up your phone data. Therefore, selecting MobileTrans indicates that you have previously used this software to back up your mobile data.

Step 2. Choose a backup file from the list and connect your Motorola Edge X30/S30 to computer with a USB cable.

Step 3. Once you phone is detected, choose the file types as you like in the middle panel, then click on “Start Transfer” to sync them to your Motorola Edge X30/S30.

Part 3. Recover Data from Motorola Edge X30/S30 without Backup

Compared with data transfer, data recovery will be relatively passive, because most mobile phone users have no habit of data backup. Once some important data is lost, can it be recovered? If so, what is the safest and most effective method? If you have the same confusion, you can’t miss the Motorola Data Recovery.

Motorola Data Recovery enable to recover the deleted and lost files including contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, text messages, photos, videos, audio, documents and more from any Motorola smartphones, no matter your data lost due to accidental deletion, OS update or rooting, device stuck or not responding, device locked, forgotten password, ROM flashing, and so on. Without further ado, let’s show you how to use it.


Step 1. Download the corresponding version of Motorola Data Recovery on your computer, then follow the prompts to install it to your computer.

Step 2. After that, run the software and click on “Android Data Recovery”.

Step 3. Use the USB cable to connect your phone to computer, and follow the on-screen prompts to enable the USB debugging on your phone, and make your device recognized by the program.

Step 4. Once your phone is detected, choose the file types that you want to scan and click on “Next”.

Tip: This software will scan the data in your mobile phone in the standard scanning mode according to the established procedure. Before that, please install a plug-in and agree to the relevant authorization according to the prompts on the interface.

Step 5. When the scanning program is finished, all found data will be listed. You can browse them one by one. If you can’t find the required data, please click the Deep Scan button to scan again. After choosing the files you need, then click on “Recover” to save them back to your Motorola Edge X30/S30.

Part 4. Restore Data from Backup Files to Motorola Edge X30/S30

If you have used this Motorola Data Recovery software to back up your mobile phone data, or if you have a supported backup file, then you can use it to extract the data in the backup file and restore it to any compatible device.


Step 1. Run Motorola Data Recovery and click on “Android Data Backup & Restore”.

Step 2. Connect your Motorola Edge X30 or Motorola Edge S30 to computer via its USB cable, once it’s recognized, click on “Device Data Restore”.

Step 3. Choose a backup file from the list, then click on “Start” to begin extracting all the restoreable files insides of the selected backup.

Step 4. Wait patiently until all the files have been extracted, then select the files you need and click on “Restore to Device” to save them back to your Motorola Edge X30/S30.