How to Recover Deleted & Lost Data from Moto Z2/Z2 Force

“Moto Z2 Force is my birthday gift. It is my new phone and I like this device. Its functions and designs are all my favor. However, I have a bad habbit that I often lose much data unconsciously when I use my phone. I gets some trouble because of this bad habbit. Now, Ijust use Moto Z2 Force for about a month, but some photos and documents are missed. Thus, I wonder how can I find the lost data back and get rid of the bad habbit?”

If you want to find the lost data on your device back and don’t worry about the data recovery problem any more, we recommend Android Data Recovery to you. As the best Android data recovery software with high recovery rate, Android Data Recovery gains a good reputation from its user. It is capable of finding lost or deleted data, like messages, contacts, photos, videos and so forth, for every user with a peace of heart. The idea of it is the lost data is not truly lost. It is able to find users data back from many common scenarios. Moreover, it fits most Android phone, so it fits many users’ need.


Steps of Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Your Moto Z2/Z2 Force

Step 1. Connect Your Moto Z2/Z2 Force to PC

After lacunching Android Data Recovery on the computer, you can see all functions offered. Please choose Data Recovery. Next, make a connection between Moto Z2/Z2 Force and the computer.

Then, please follow the follow steps to empower your Moto Z2 Force into USB debugging. If the OS version of your Moto Z2/Z2 Force is 4.2.2 or above, please authorize your PC via your device and hit OK on the pop-up message to move on.

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

Here, you can see the file types that Android Data Recovery can recover for you. Please select the types of data that you’d like to recover. And then, click “Next” to continue the data recovery process.

Step 3. Scan to Find the Lost Data

Now, it is time to choose a matching mode for your Moto Z2 Force. There are “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode” which you can choose after reading the description. Here is our little suggestion that trying “Standard Mode” first is better. If “Standard Mode” doesn’t suit your device, then try “Advanced Mode”.

Next, hit “Start” button to begin analyzing and scanning your “Standard Mode”. You can see the speed of the scanning. By the way, the scan of lost data will take a few minutes.

Note: If there is a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan, jsut hit “Allow” to continue.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Data on Moto Z2/Z2 Force

Once the scan is over, all found the data is displayed to you. Please preview the found data one by one if you want to, and select the items you need to find back and click “Recover” button. Then, the selected data is recovered to your computer.

Notes: The found data contains the existing and the deleted. If you want to separate existing and deleted data, turn on the button of “Display deleted files only” or use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result. Besides, in order to ensure that your data security and the recovery efficiency, please do not disconnect your Moto Z2/Z2 Force with computer during the whole recovery process.