How to Transfer Notes from Samsung to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

As we all know,the smartphone, Samsung updates quickly. Samsung S7 Edge, which come into market recently, is having a great vogue on the market. Recently,being fed up with using my old Samsung, I make the decision to buy the Samsung S7 Edge, which gains popularity among people.There are so many important data stored in my old Samsung, thus, I have to transfer them to my new S7 Edge. However, athough I have transfer the data such as contacts, photos, and text messages from my old Samsung to S7 Edge, I find it hard to sync the notes, which upsets me a lot.

Much to my delight, a useful software, Mobile Switch came into my sight and perfectly solved my problem. Mobile Switch is really a good helper to transfer datas such as contacts, videos, music and pictures between phones. Not to mention the fast transfer speeds, it ensure that you are the only one who can access your information, which ensure the security and make the program reliable.

So how to use it? There are four steps in all,as shown in the following steps. It’s extremely easy. But what you need to do first is to download , install the Mobile Switch.


One Click to Transfer Notes from One Samsung Phone to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Launch the Software and Choose the Transfer Mode

You must look at “Phone to Phone Transfer” and then click on “Start”. Next connect both Galaxy phones to the computer using USB cables, then wait for Mobile Switch to recognize both devices.

Click on the “Flip” button above the content you would like to copy if you want to shift the position of the two phones.

Step 2. Select Files You Want to Transfer

Then you should check the box before “Note” so that you can transfer them. You can check the “Clear data before copy” if you want to wipe the destination phone before transferring data.

Step 3. Begin to Transfer the Seleted Data from Phone to Phone

Be sure to keep both Galaxy phones connected through the entire process to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Only by using the program yourself can you realise the enchantence of the Wondershare MobileTrans. Just have a try and I believe it will beyond your expectation.