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How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia, which used to dominate the mobile phone industry, is back in a new position. Several months ago, Nokia released its new product--Nokia 8 Sirocco. Nokia 8 Sirocco is made with excellent hardware performance. On the obverse side of the machine, a 2K pOLED curved surface display screen is adopted, and snapdragon 835 processor is used. It uses a mix of glass and metal to create the fuselage, plus a two-sided curved, borderless design. After years of preparing, Nokia has reshaped itself and brought us such a flagship model with a sense of high-end quality. Judging from the solid workmanship and strong hardware quality of Nokia 8 Sicorro, I believe the performance of this mobile phone will not disappoint.

Last month, my friend were attracted by Nokia 8 Sirocco's advantages and purchased one to replace his previous Android phone. Then he confronted a hard nut - how to transfer his significant data from his previous phone to this new one? After all, he was unwillingly to give up that important call logs, photos, documents, messages and so on. So he surfed th Internet to find a solution. Then he found a software was mentioned online for many times. Word had it that it were the most reliable tool to transfer data from one device to another one. Doubtfully, he decided to have a try. Out of the blue, it turned out that all the data he need to transfer was moved at a high speed without any lost. The efficience and reliablity of that software left a deep impression on my friend so he recommended it to me immediately. Therefore, today I also want to introduce it to you, if oneday you need to transfer data, I hope you can take this software into consideration.

The software my friend recommended to me is Mobile Transfer, a thoughtfully designed and received tool. It excels many softwares in transferring data by right of several practical highlights. Now let me introduce its highlights in detail. Above all, it fully compatible with the latest iOS 11 and Android 8.0. Meanwhile, various popular cell phone types are accessible, such as Nokia, ViVo, Mi, Sony, Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Moto, Google, OnePlus, iPhone, iPad and so on. In addition to these, loads of files can be transfer validly from Android to Android, to name a few, call logs, messages, contacts, photos, music, Apps, calendar and so forth. It's selectable so we can just pick the file types we tend to transfer. Moreover, it can complete all our instructions within a few minutes and will not leak any our privacy. Its process is also simple, it enables us to transfer data in some plain steps. In other words, anyone just need to follow its simple guides to operate it, it doesn't require any professional knowledge. Believe it or not, it's so efficient and dependable.

Reading it here, have you been attacted by its useful features? Do you want to save your time when you need to transfer data? Besides transferring data, it also has the function of backing up data and restoring data from backups. Are you curious about how to operate this software? Now let me show you how to transfer data from Android Phone to Nokia 8 Sirocco to help you master the methods of transferring data. Maybe one day it will come in handy.


One Click to Switch All Data from Android Phone to Nokia 8 Sirocco

Step 1. Connect both of your phones to PC

First of all, please download and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then click the "Phone to Phone Transfer" button and press "Start" in the primary interface.

Skip to the next step, the software need scan your phone first to initiate the transfer process, so you ought to make your Android and Nokia 8 Sirocco concatenated to computer via their USB cables. Then the software will detect and glance through your phones by itself in the instant that your phones are connected to the computer. Afterward you'll see that your phones are displayed on both sides of the window. Here you should keep a watchful eye on their positions. Please make sure the Android is presented on the left, and Nokia 8 Sirocco is presented on the right, if not, press "Flip" to interchange theirs positions.

Step 2. Transfer whatever you wanted between your phones

When your phones are in the right place, you are able to check the data you trend to transfer. You can select whatever you want at choice. That is to say that if you feel like switching your contacts over, you can click the "Contacts" in the cagalogue of the transfer-content. After picking all the files you need, click the "Start Transfer" button to initiate the process. Then your data will be shifted from Android to Nokia 8 Sirocco. In addition, throughout the process, please make sure that both phones and computers are always connected. If not, it will run very slowly and keep you waiting for a long time. In other words, if you follow the instructions, the process of transferring the data will be about three minutes.

Warm Tip: If necessary, you can check the "Clear Date Before Copy" box if you would like to erase data on your Nokia 8 Sirocco.

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