How to Transfer Data Contacts Photos from Old Android Phones to Nokia 8

Nokia 8 owns a Snapdragon 835, 4/6GB of RAM, Android 7.1.1, and a surprisingly small 5.3-inch QHD display. The back of it seems to feature HMD’s usual anodized aluminum body (increasingly a rarity in a world of fragile glass and ceramic phones) and a dual camera setup complete with “Zeiss” branding, just like the old days. Besides the two cameras and LED flash, there’s some other component in the camera module, probably a laser autofocus setup.

“I have planned to change another phone for a while, and I think Nokia 8 fits me. I am fond of the design, features and appearance of Nokia 8. However, I don’t know how to transfer photos and contacts on my former phone Android to my new phone Nokia 8. To other people, data transfer is an easy thing, but I am not familiar with the aspect of data transfer, so I am eager to find a reliable and easy way to complete the transfer.” – Said by Jones.

If you wants a reliable and easy way to transfer data like photos and contacts from an old Android phone to Nokia 8, Phone Transfer is definitely your best choice. As one of the most professional software in the industry of data transfer, it is good at copying various kinds of data, like contacts, photos, messages and so forth, from phone to phone. Meanwhile, it also supports iPhone, Android and others perfectly. It is worthwhile to be trusted because it can help all clients complete data transfer efficiently without any data left or missed.


Steps to Transfer Data from Your Old Android to Nokia 8

Step 1. Connect Your Devices to PC

After you launch Phone Transfer on the computer, you enter the homepgae of Phone Transfer. Among all tooklits offerred by Phone Transfer, please choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

And then, connect your Android and Nokia 8 to the computer using USB cables. Once your devices are connected successfully, Phone Transfer will recognize them automatically. After a while, you can see the images of your Android and Nokia 8 dispalyed on the window.

To transfer data from Android to Nokia 8, the image of the Source should be Android and the image of the Destination should be Nokia 8. If you need to exchange the position, you can use the “Flip” button.

Step 2. Check File You Need to Transfer

Check Photos and Contacts among the content list and click “Start Transfer” button. The copying of photos and contacts starts quickly and smoothly. After copying, you can see that the selected data of photos and contacts is transfered from Android to Nokia 8 completely.

Note: During the whole process, your Android and Nokia 8 need to keep connected. Before copying the new data, if you want to erase data on the destination phone, you can use “Clear Data before Copy” to operate it.