How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data Photos from Nokia 7

Seems to be in order to adapt to the present micro channel and Alipay payment boom, Nokia company in Shanghai launched Nokia 7, which has 5.2 1080P IPS four inch display, double surface glass body, black and white color, the back of the fingerprint identification (micro channel support and Alipay fingerprint payment). This seems to have such a mobile phone, using WeChat and Alipay to pay more convenient. But I think it would be better if the phone could recover the deleted data.

So, how can we do to restore the deleted and lost data like photos, videos and more from the Nokia 7 when the misfortune strikes?

Actually, without any backup files, we can also achieve recovering the deleted and lost data, which just depend on a software called Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery can not only recover call logs, photos, videos, audios, contacts, WhatsApp messages and so on from almost all the Android devices and SD cards, with the helps of this progra, you also can backup & restore your phone data, unlock the Android phone, recover data from broken Android, etc.. During the following, I will introduce how to recover the deleted and lost data from your Nokia 7 by using this program.


Steps to Recover Deleted & Lost Data from Your Nokia 7

Step 1. Chose the recovery mode and connect the Nokia 7

Download, install and run the Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then on the program’s interface will has the choices of recovery mode, please choose the mode of “Data Recovery”. If the operate is successful, then connect the Nokia 7 to your computer.

Note: Please ensure that you’ve enabled the USB debugging on your phone’s screen, or the computer can’t detect your phone.

Step 2. Select the file types to scan

Then, you can select the type of data you want to recover, and then check the data you want to recover and click on “Next”.

Step 3. Choose the scanning mode to scan Nokia 7

On the next interface, you can see there are two scanning modes providing to scan your lost data, respectively are the “Standard Mode” and the “Advanced Mode”. You can choose the “Standard Mode” first, because it can save your time, but in this way, if you can’t find the lost data, then you have to turn to the “Advanced Mode”. After that, click on “Start”.

Note: You should know that the scanning time actually it just depend on the amount of your data, so please wait patiently.There may be an appearance in your device during the scanning process, the super user authorization. If you get it, click on “Allow” to continue. If not, skip this step.

Step 4. Preview and recover the selected data on Nokia 7

If everything is all on your way, you can see all the scanning listed in different categories, you can check any of them on the left sidebar and preview the details on the right side. At the same time, select those deleted data which you like, and click on “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Note: Be sure your Nokia 7 connected to the computer during the whole recovery process until it’s completed.