Best Ways to Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts

Can you remember your every important contact’s phone number? You may not. Therefore your contacts saved in your iPhone /Pro/Max is very important and meaningful. Recently, some of your contact is missing and you are frustrating. But the bad news comes, your iPhone has no trash or recycle bin, like that on a PC, saving your deleted contacts temporarily of direct recovery. Luckily, there are still few methods for you to recover your lost Contact on iPhone. Just keep reading and get your hope up afterward.

What should you do after contacts are accidentally deleted in iPhone device.

It can be incredibly frustrating to deleted contact from your iPhone 14 accidentally. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the result is the same, you cannot get access to that image no longer. There are few steps you can do to look for them.

Check your recently deleted folder. It maybe save all of your lost contacts which there is a chance for you to recover your data.
If it fails, don’t despair. You also can use iPhone Data Recovery permanently recover your lost contacts on iPhone with backup. However, to ensure the success rate pls don’t use your iPhone to do anything when the process begins.

Though deleted your photos can be frustrating, but fortunately, you still can get them back. Pls try the following methods and see they are workable to you.

Method 1: Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts without backup.

You may super worried because your data don’t backup on your iPhone and you want to have a answer whether you can recover your lost contact or not. Yes, you can recover through iPhone Data Recovery. What is iPhone Data Recovery?

  • It is an application that can help you recover your deleted data without backup permanently.
  • It is an professional system that can scan your data both from Quick Scan mode or Deep Scan mode.
  • It is a simple operation that few steps can help you recover your data even though you are the first time to so that.
  • It is a program that can recover your all kinds of files and never fail up.


Step 1: Download iPhone Data Recovery in your computer. When you open click “Recover from IOS device” first. Next you can finish the following steps.

Step 2: Before start data scanning, enable USB cable and Connect your iPhone to your computer . Confirm the device and begin data scanning.

Step 3: When you click “Start Scan” the system would work and you will see your scan result after minutes. Maybe it include your many unaccessible data before.

Step 4: Preview the data and start to select anything that you want. Click “Restore to device”.

Method 2: Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts via Contact sync.

After you sync or unsyncing your iPhone contact from iCloud settings, you can easily retrieve your lost contact. Pls see the below steps to recover your deleted contact from Contact Sync.

Step 1: Go to “setting” on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID section.

Step 2: Choose “iCloud” and next “Contact” then you can disable the latter option. You are allowed to remove or keep your iPhone contact after the popup appears.

Step 3: Click “Deleted from my iPhone” or choose “Keep on my iPhone” just assuming you want to remove your synced data.

Step 4: Click “NO” option and choose “Merge” option to access your iPhone’s deleted contacts.

Method 3: Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts from iCloud website.

If you want to find a easy way to get back your lost deleted contacts. iCloud website may help you a lot you can look for any deleted contacts you want to recover.

Step 1: Open on your computer.

Step 2: Log into your Appple ID and passwords. And you can click “Contacts” to view the data.

Step 3: You can use shift click or ctrl-click when you start choosing your contact to recover.

Step 4: Tap on “Gear” icon at the bottom and click “Expert vCard”. When your contacts are copied to computer then you can transfer your contact from a computer to a iPhone.

Method 4: Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts from iCloud backup.

When your iPhone is suffer factory reset then all your contacts or other data may all erase. And after that you have the ability to set up your device and restore your iPhone from iCloud Backup. You are not strange with the application if you have used the application to backup your files.

Step 1: Find your iPhone’s “Setting” and then enter your name.

Step 2: Click “iCloud” and next select your “iCloud backup”. Then proceed to “Transfer or Reset iPhone”. Click “Erase all your contact and setting” to factory reset your iPhone.

Step 3: When your iPhone reboots, go over the setup task until you can reach “iCloud Backup”.

Step 4: Time to sign into your iCloud account and access all your backups.

Step 5: From all the listed data you can select your latest contact to restore.

Method 5: Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts from iTunes backup.

iTunes can create backup files for your IOS device, therefore any time you sync with it your backup contact can be recovered. You can recover the contact freely and no trouble caused. Pls note that iTunes can overwrite your current IOS content with the backup items.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your iPhone in advance and at the same time open iTunes.

Step 2: When iTunes detect your device and you can click “device” and sign at the top left corner.

Step 3: Select “Summary” from then left side and also click “Restore Backup” so that you can select your contacts that you want to recover.

Step 4: When you are asked to disable the find my phone feature just do it.
You can do it through “setting” and touch “iCloud” and next “Find My”, next you can turn off the feature “Find my Phone”.

Step 5: On the pop-up prompt, you can see all your backups and also pls choose the backup you are going to recover and finally click “Restore”.

Method 6: Recover Deleted iPhone 14/Pro/Max Contacts via Gmail

Google you are very familiar with it and if you have save your contact there previously now you can use the Gmail to recover your deleted contacts. Even though you don’t have a computer then you can still utilize the method.

Step 1: Find your “Setting” in your iPhone and next tap “Mail” next choose “account”.

Step 2: Log into the Gmail account with your stored contacts and add them to your iPhone.

Step 3: Make sure “Contact” option to sync your Gmail contacts to your iPhone. Once done, you can find the Gmail contact will be back to your iPhone.

The end of the passage
When your Contact in your iPhone 14/Pro/Max lost, pls don’t worry so much so that you can find ways to recover your data. If you are too anxious you may lose heart and you cannot find reasonable way to retrieve your data. No matter what happens to your iPhone, First to think clearly and find out the reasons and then find methods to tackle the problem. That is all.