How to Recover Deleted Voicemail from iPhone 11/12

Summary: Lost your voicemail on iPhone 11/12? Learn the detailed method to recover voicemail from iPhone 11/12 here.

Voicemail allows users to exchange personal voice messages, select and deliver voice messages, and process transactions related to individuals, organizations, products and services using a regular telephone. It can give you another reliable option when you are not comfortable typing.

But in the process of using iPhone 11/12, sometimes we may carelessly delete some voicemails that we still need, which can bring trouble to our life and work.

That’s why we wrote this article, you will learn four ways how to recover lost voicemails from iPhone 11/12. Hope it will help you to get back your lost voicemails.

Method 1: Recover voicemail directly from iPhone 11/12 on iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery is dedicated to helping cell phone users on iOS to overcome common data recovery & backup, system repair and other problems on iPhones.

We recommend iPhone Data Recovery for the following reasons.

  1. One-click recovery & backup of iPhone phone data.
  2. Repair damaged iPhone.
  3. Perfectly compatible with various iOS devices.
  4. Support various data types: voicemail, Messages, Photo Library, WhatsApp, Contacts, Call History, Notes, Calendar…

Steps to Recover Deleted voicemail from iPhone 12:

Step 1: Download, install and launch iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 2: Connect iPhone 11 to your computer and make iPhone 11/12 start USB debugging so that the program detects your device.

Step 3: Click “Start” to make the program scan your device and when the scan is done, all the data will be displayed on the page.

Step 4: Select the data you need to recover from it and click the “Recover” button.

Method 2: Recover iPhone 11/12 voicemail from iTunes backup.

If you have previously enabled the service of iTunes backup and your previous iTunes backup service is stored on your computer. Then in iPhone Data Recovery you can easily restore the backup data to your device.

Step 1: Come to the home page of the program and then click on “Restore from iTunes backup file” in the left column. The program will detect and display all the iTunes backup files on your computer. Select the ones you need from them.

Step 2: Click “Start Scan” to scan your selected iTunes backup files, wait for a while, and then get all the data in the iTunes backup files.

Step 3: Preview and select the ones you need from the displayed data and then click on “Recover” button to finish data recovery.

Method 3: Recover iPhone 11/12 voicemail from iCloud backup.

Similarly, iCloud is also one of the cloud backup services for you. If you are an iCloud user, then this method is applicable to you.

Step 1: Go to the iPhone data recovery homepage, select “Recover from iCloud backup file” recovery mode in the left column and log in your iCloud account.

Step 2: After successful login, the program will find all the backed up iCloud files in your account, select the files you need, then click the “Download” button, select the files you need to scan, then click Next to scan and wait for a while.

Step 3: After the scan is over, select the ones you need from the data files being shown and click “Recover”.

Method 4: Undelete Voicemails on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Phone app.

Step 2: Click Voicemail in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: In the “Delete Messages” list, select the voicemails you have deleted but want to get back now.

Step 4: Click “Undelete” to restore the previously deleted voicemails to your iPhone 11/12.