How to Permanently Delete Calendar From iPhone

With the upgrade of mobile phone technology, we use the phone all the time.There are more and more traces left in phone.But in today’s data age, these traces are enough to threaten our personal security in real life. What is the impact of mobile phones on our privacy and how do we protect it. Ours cell phone has all kinds of personal information. These private data may seem unimportant, but in fact very valuable. For example, our calendar, if one day our phone was stolen, criminals according to your calendar to the crime, What will be the result? So we need to protect personal information, which requires us to delete the phone data drastically.

Do you want to delete your iPhone data completely? What do we need to do? You just need to download and install a software – iOS SafeEraser.

iOS SafeEraser,is the ideal Android & iOS device wiping application which is designed to permanently wipe all personal information from your smartphone or tablets using US military spec over-writing technology render the data unrecoverable. It can thoroughly remove the phone’s data to protect your privacy. It also like the traditional security software, clear the cache, optimize the storage space, clean up the garbage, clean up memory, etc. But this software is mainly used in the iOS system products, Android phones can only use a feature “Erase All Data”.

Then, I will take the deleted calendar as an example, to introduce how to use iOS SafeEraser to completely remove the phone data without coming back. Attention please, before wiping your phone data, you’d better back up your iPhone data to computer or iTunes/iCloud, once the deletion is complete, the deleted data can not being restored even using the most professional data recovery tools.

Steps to Permanently Delete Calendar From Your iPhone

Step 1. Manually Delete the Selected Calendars

Before runing the program, you need to select the unwanted calendars from your iPhone, and delete these selected calendars manually.

Step 2. Download and Install iOS SafeEraser

Download the trial version by clicking the below buttons, after that install it according to the prompts, and then run it on your computer.


Step 3. Connect Your iPhone to The PC

You need to prepare a data line. Connect the iPhone to the computer, when your iPhone is recognized, you can see your iPhone on the main window of the program as the below picture.

Step 4. Drastically Delete the Calendars from iPhone

As you can see from the main interface, there are five circles. Each circle represents a function. At this point you need to click on the second circle, that is, “Erase Deleted Files”. At this point the software will scan the phone data you have deleted, such as Contacts, Photos, Calenders, etc..

After the scan, the left will show you the data types which you have deleted, and all types are checked. You should just check out the Calendars and cancel other options. Next, click on the lower right corner of the “Erase Now”.

Then it will pop up a dialog, please read the three notes in the dialog carefully, if comfirmed, enter the “delete” and click “Erase Now” once again. Now the program will begins to wipe your phone data, waiting for a while, it will appear “successfully” once the process is completed.

Note: Please do not disconnect your iPhone during the deleting process.