How to Delete Safari Bookmarks on iPad Permanently

iPad is a tablet PC series released by Apple Corp in 2010. Positioning between Apple’s smart phone iPhone and notebook computer products, it provides browsing the web site, send and receive e-mail, watch e-books, play audio or video, play games and other functions. It can be installed the iWork provided by the Apple suite for office, you can through the iOS preview and edit Office and PDF files, so iPad is a simple office products, so many people will choose iPad. Apple’s patent application released in February 4th shows that the future of iPhone and iPad will be used the 3D ID touch sensing button similar to the iPhone 6S. Believe that this will set off a wave of iPad, can be confirm soon that the iPad Air 3 is coming. So how to deal with the old iPad? May sell or send to other people, to friends and relatives, etc.. In this case, it is very important to remove the information in iPad completely. Let’s look at an example first:

“I bought a new iPad Mini 4 to replace the cumbersome old iPad 2, can immediately feel my briefcase was liberated. I have been using my old iPad for business, in addition of some important data, most of the others are Safari Bookmarks. I’m going to put the old iPad to my colleague, but I don’t want to share all these bookmarks with him, so how can I permanently delete all the Safari bookmarks from my iPad without restored?”

To permanently delete the Safari bookmarks on iOS devices, I found a wonderful software – iOS SafeEraser. It’s designed for erasing data like photos, Safari bookmarks, videos, apps, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chat history, call history and other data. Literally speaking, helps iPhone/iPad/iPod users to remove certain files from their devices. How to use it? Let me to delete the Safari Bookmarks as an example, introduce how to operate it.


Guide: Permanently Delete Safari Bookmarks on iPad

Step 1. Remove the Safari Bookmarks from your phone

You need to manually find your iPad Safari Bookmarks and delete. Reminder: when you use the software to delete information, it is best to back up the iPad data to computer that what you want to delete, because once they are deleted by the iOS SafeEraser, you will never recover.

Step 2. Launch the program and connect your iPad to computer

After installation, run the iOS SafeEraser on your computer, meanwhile, take out a USB cable to connect your iPad to computer. Once your iPad is detected, you can see a pop-up window as the picture below. Then,click the second circle “Erase Deleted Files”.

Step 3. Select Safari Bookmarks from your iPad

The program will analyze and scan the deleted files on your device. As you can see, there are some options in the left sidebar, select Safari Bookmarks. Next, click on the lower right corner of the “Erase Now”.

Then it will pop up a window, when you read the three notes in the window, enter the “delete”. And click “Erase Now”. Files started to delete, waiting for a while, it will appear “successfully”, delete files successfully.