iOS Optimizer to Release Space on Your iPhone iPad iPod Touch

“As the semester scholarship fell through, I had to give up the idea to buy a new iPhone 6S, In other words, I still had to use my old iPhone 5C, which running slow and insufficient memory. There are tons of photos, videos, apps storing in my iPhone memory, in addition, there are a large part of the space is occupied by a large number of unknown files which I can’t even find out to delete. Anyone who can show mercy and tell me how to clean up space on my iPhone, so as to save me from my life, that is the main reason why I email you. Thank you very much!” One of ours consumer Antonio.

“Since my son come back home for the summer vacation, my iPad has never been idle until yesterday, my son finished his holidays and went back to school. However, the tragedy of my iPad Air was still going on, I never imagined that my iPad can run so slow. After checking, I found so much download temp files, app generated files, cached files, and many unused app eliminations, etc. in my iPad. There are lots of important files like photos, call logs, videos and documents storing in my iPad, I don’t want to erase my device or restore it to factory settings, how can I release massive space on my iPad without restore or erase it? Help please!!!” Ours another consumer Caleigh.

Even if the new system and new iPhone iPad has been launched, the depth of the optimization of new iOS 9 makes the system more smoothly, and the new iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPad Pro have more RAM and storage space, however, the lack of storage space is still the main problem of most of the iOS devices during the process of using in daily life. The questions about how to release massive space on iPhone iPad and iPod, or how to speed up iDevices, have become the most attention topic of users.

In the matter of fact, to solve the problem of the pressure of the iDevices’ storage space, what you need is just an effective and secure data cleaning tool, iOS Optimizer is your best and first choice. It is the ideal iDevice “erase” application which special designed to permanently clean up junk files and wipe all personal information from the device using US Military spec over-writing technology to render the data unrecoverable. The program provides five efficient and professional ports for user to clear theirs devices without spend too much of time and energy.

Still doubting its powerful features? Please download and try, there are two trial versions below for you.


Step By Step to Free Up Your iPhone iPad and iPod Space

Step 1:Run the program and connect your iDevice

1. After installation, launch the iOS Optimizer on your computer.

2. Connect your iPhone iPad or iPod touch via theirs USB cable to the same computer.
3. Once your device is detected by the program, the primary interface will pop up as below, you can see your device’s space information in the left and five selectable features in the right.

Step 2. Choose the mode to scan your device

Click on “iOS Optimzer” in the main interfacce. The software wil show you 6 categories that you can optimize your iPhone iPad or iPod touch from system data and user data two parts. According to your need, choose some or all of them. After that, click on the “Start Scan” button to let the porgram begin automatically scanning your device.

Step 3. Clear all the scanned junk files from your device

Once the scan is finish, the total amount of scanned junk files will be displayed, including user data and system data. Click on “CleanUp” to free up your device’s space.

Please do not disconnect your device during the whole clearing process, so as to ensure that the junk files are removed totally from your iOS device.

Once done, the program will show you your space information and released result. Now, you can click the Home button to return, or press the Rescan button to scan again.