Permanent Delete Photos Contacts Messages Notes Call History on iPhone 5/5S

“Hello, I need to permanently erase all data ( including text messages, contacts, photos, call historys) off iPhone 5, because I have a new iPhone 6S Plus, and I want to give my old iPhone 5 as a present to my best friend, her phone was stolen last week, but there are many privacy data stored on my old iPhone, even if I delete all of them and even factory reset my phone, I know that the deleted data can also being restored by using an iPhone recovery software, so, I want to know whether there is any ways that can permanently delete my personal informations, or erase everything from iPhone 5 without coming back? Please recommend me a safe method or some iPhone erase softwares! Thanks in advance!!!” Asked by Hamnlly on Apple Support Communities.

Just as Hamnlly, there are too many cases that we need to fully wipe the personal data on our iPhone in our daily life: Buy a new iPhone and want to resell the old one, return the damaged iPhone to factory for repair, iPhone trade-in deals and so on. However, no matter what is the reason that you want to dispose your old iPhone, or regardless of your old iPhone to the hands of her/his who, the same consideration, you never want your private informations leaked to any one. However, Hamnlly’s misgivings is very reasonable, he is right. So, to permanent wipe your data on iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, including Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Notes, Call History, Videos and more, you need a more reliable, safe and completed method, fortunately, iPhone Data Wiper has been thoughtful to you.

In comparison to the traditional approach: Tap on Settings icon on iPhone homescreen > Scroll down from the list and choose General option > Select Reset at the bottom of the list and choose Delete All Content and Settings. iPhone Data Wiper has a unique aspect, which can more thorough to wipe your data on iPhone.

iPhone Data Wiper is the world’s 1st data wiping software, which provides the most comprehensive solutions for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to fully erase any data on their devices with ease, and ensures that all the deleted contents can not being restored.


Please click to free download a trial Windows or Mac version of iPhone Data Wiper on your computer, and follow the belows steps to permanently wipe your iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod touch.

Steps to Permanently Wipe All Data on iPhone 5/5C/5S

1. In consideration of the erased data can not being restore forever, you’d better back up the needed data from iPhone before wiping, so that you can restore them from backup when you need.
2. Please close all blackground Apps such as Music, Navigation, etc.
3. Please wait for any updates to be completed if there are any running on your iPhone.

Part 1 Permanently Wipe All Data on iPhone 5/5C/5S

Step 1. Launch the program after installation, and you can see the homepage of the software. Then connect your iPhone to the program and press “Erase All Data” to enter the erased mode.

Step 2. When your iPhone is detected, you need to enter “delete” on the pop-up dialog to confirm the order.

If done, just click on “Erase Now” to let the program delete all data from your iPhone, please keep your device connected until the wiping process is finish.

Part 2 Permanently Wipe All iPhone Data on Mac

Step 1. Likewise install and run iPhone Data Wiper for Mac on your iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Take out an USB cable to connect your iPhone with your Mac. You can see the program will automatically detect your device soon.

Step 2. Click “Erase All Data” in the left sidebar of the primary interface, and press “Erase Now” to go on.

Step 3. Type “Delete” in the text box to confirm the deletion and click “Start” to let the program start deleting your data on iPhone.

When the deleting process is complete, the program will shows you what it have done on your device.

Note: To ensure data is erased successfully, please don’t disconnect your iPhone during the wiping process.