How to Wipe All Content Messages Call History on iPhone 4S Permanently

“I have been using the iPhone 4s, my mother bought an iPhone 6 again, I want to delete all the data from my iPhone 4s, and then give it to my Mom, how can I delete all data in the phone thoroughly?”

“My iPhone 4s’s screen is broken, but can still connect with the computer, so I want to change my iPhone 4s through the Apple’s Trade-In program. But I realize I have to wipe all the contents on my phone before trading it, how can I erase all data from my iPhone 4s without restored? What tool I can use?”

As the old iPhone gradually withdrew from the historical stage, and a new iPhone release time draws near, there are many iPhone users has plans to sell theirs old iPhone in hand, and then proceed with a new one. So before disposing your old iPhone, in addition to back up the data from iPhone, of course also need to thoroughly remove all data from the old iPhone. After all, a lot of personal or private data stored on your device, and the present data recovery softwares on the market which is powerful enough to restore your deleted data, even if you had restored your iPhone to factory settings.

Fortunately, you are not isolated and helpless, to permanent erase all data including contacts, text messages, email, WhatsApp messages/chats/photos, picture, videos, notes, call history, calendars and more on your iPhone 4S and other iDevices, you just need the all-in-one data wiping tool – iPhone Data Wiper, which is the national defense level of data erased program, it can maximize the protection of your privacy, ensure the most thorough and secure data deletion, zero opportunity of recovery.


If you still suspect the ability of iPhone Data Wiper, you can download a trial version by clicking the above button, and follow our tutorial to have a try, just try for free.

Steps to Permanent Wipe All Content and Settings on iPhone 4S

Reaffirm again, before wiping your iPhone 4S, please make sure that you had obtained a latest backup file, once the deletion is finish, nothing can be restored. If there is no any question, let’s begin.

Step 1. Download, install and run the software

After downloading, install and run iPhone Data Wiper, and connent your iPhone 4S with the computer, when your device is detected, you can see the window as below:

Step 2. Wipe all data on your iPhone 4S

Select the “Erase All Data” mode on the primary interface to move on. When you ses the below window, please type “delete” to confirm the deletion, then click on “Erase Now” to start the process.

Once deletion is complete, you will see the Completed screen: