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Directly Transfer All Data Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy C7

Samsung electronics will continue to stick the Chinese people's favorite, and it contributed to the social commitment, adhere to the belief of quality and service first, bring the best products and the experience for Chinese consumers. So,even if I am a supporter for Chinese's science and technology products, I also do not reject the Samsung series mobile phone, now I'm using Samsung S5. But I've always wanted to have a Samsung Galaxy C7, because of the Samsung mobile the Galaxy series of Samsung have high-quality goods. I don't know what should I say lucky or not lucky, recently, my Samsung S5 touchscreen is ineffective, I was very unhappy. But it gave me a good reason to change a mobile phone. But then I think a problem if I change the phone, I would lose my data contacts,should I input the data contacts again. My phone contacts so much, I am so terror at the thought of this massive project. Who can help me? Thanks in advance!

Actually, as long as you install a software called Mobile Transfer on your computer,all problems will be solved.

Mobile Transfer is a software which can be used for transmission data like pictures, text messages, videos, contacts, apps, etc.. What's more, it is designed to adapt to a variety of mobile phone, such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, and so on. So you can easily sync all your personal data from old Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy C7. Next, please click to download the program, and I will show you how to transfer all your data.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy C7

Step 1.Choose the Transfer Mode

Download, install and operate Mobile Transfer on your computer. After then, please choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode, and click on "Start".

Step 2. Connect Your Phones to PC

When enter the next screen, you need to connect your phones to your computer by two USB lines, please make sure that you've enabled the USB debugging on your phones.

In addition, keep your old Samsung phone as the source phone is display on the left, and the Samsung C7 as the destination phone is display on the right. The "Flip" button can help you to easily exchange where they are.

Step 3. Transfer the Selected File Types from Samsung to Galaxy C7

At this point, you will see a page which has many file types to be checked, please select those what you wanted, click on the bottom of the "Start Transfer" to sync all of them from the old phone to C7.

Be sure to keep both phones connected to your computer through the whole process to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

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