How to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Huawei Phone to Huawei Mate 9

My mobile phone is Huawei Mate 9, which is just released in November 14th. Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong claimed that the use of this phone 18 months later, the performance to maintain still more than 80%, while other Android phones less than 50%. Moreover, the Huawei Mate 9 equipped with EMUI5.0, and it is said to be used for a long time but not being crash. So I make a prompt decision, to buy this new Mate 9 to replace the old Mate 7. However, all my data including contacts, photos, apps and more are storing in the original phone’s internal memory, if redeposit once again will be very troublesome. I just want a simple and efficient way to sync data between Huawei phone, where can I find a way out? Please help!

It’s like when you’re talking about ice cream, you’ll think of summer. So when it comes to data transfer between Huawei mobile phones, the vast majority of Huawei users will think of it – Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer is an outstanding data transmission software. With its help, you can transfer all the data including pictures, contacts, video, SMS, call logs, music, apps, apps data, etc. between two Huawei smartphones. What’s more it is designed to adapt to a variety of mobile phone, such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, and so on. So you don’t need to worry that different mobile phone can’t happen transfer. Next, I will tell you how to transfer your personal data from old Huawei phone to Huawei Mate 9 by using this powerful software.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Huawei to Huawei Mate 9

Step 1. Choose transfer mode

Download Mobile Transfer to your computer, then install and run it. When you can see the primary interface, click on the “Phone to Phone Transfer” and press “Start” to go on.

Step 2. Connect your two Huawei phones to your computer

Next, connect two of your Huawei phones to your computer with two USB lines. Please be sure that the old phone is displayed on the left of window, while the new phone is on the right.

Or you can ignore it at all, just simply click on “Flip” can help changing their location.

Step 3. Transfer the selected data to Huawei Mate 9

When the connection is successful, the program will automatically scan the files which you can transfer from your old Huawei phone, and list them in the middle panel, you just need to choose the file types you want and click on “Start Transfer” to sync all of them from old Huawei phone to Mate 9.

Note: Please be sure that the phones are connected to the computer during the whole transfer process, and patience to wait for a moment, it won’t spend too much of your time.

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