How to Transfer Data from Old Huawei to Huawei P9

Smart phones are highly standardized products, the user’s needs are more concentrated, ordinary mobile phone manufacturers will pursue conservative in the development. Only companies with excellent technical ability will be bold pursuit of differentiation. As the representative works of Chinese high-end mobile phone, every generation of the HUAWEI P series products have differentiated features. HUAWEI P9 cooperation with the LEICA Company, using a rear dual camera design and the main camera features.

I am a loyal fan of HUAWEI mobile phone, every time HUAWEI released a new model I will pay attention, and this time the P9 is no exception. I used the HUAWEI P8 now, I think P9 must be able to give me a better experience, in particular, its camera function. So I bought a P9.

However, I have a problem now, I want to transfer the old phone contacts directly to the new phone, but I only know a way, that is one by one input, I have dozens of contacts, it will consume too much of my time, there is a better way?

Mobile Switch provides you with the most useful way. This is a multi-functional data processing software, it includes the transfer of data, backup data, delete data, and restore the backup data to the phone. Its transfer function is very practical. It can help you transfer data on the same mobile phone brand, what more, you can transfer data on two different systems. The transfer process is simple and quick, and you just need a few minutes to transfer your data from one Huawei phone to another.


Three Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Huawei Phone to Huawei P9

Step 1. Download, install and run Mobile Switch on your computer. Next, choose “Phone To Phone Transfer” mode and press “Start”.

Step 2. Connect two of your HUAWEI phones to the computer with the USB lines. When your two phones is recognized by the program, the phone will be displayed on the desktop. You need to confirm whether the location of the two phones is correct. In general, the old HUAWEI phone needs to be displayed on the left, because your phone data like contacts are transferred from the old phone to the new one. If it is not displayed on the right side, then you need to click “Flip”.

Step 3. Next, you can move your cell phone contacts. A number of projects will between two mobile phones, including contacts. By default, all items are checked. But if you just want to move your contacts, you need to cancel the selection of other items. Finally, click “Start Transfer”.

Note that in the process of transfer, you need to ensure that the connection between the two mobile phones and computers is normal.

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