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How to Transfer Calendars from Old Galaxy to Samsung Note 7

With the continuous update of models of mobile phone, Samsung has also developed Note 7 and just waiting for it to go on the market.

However in some areas, note 7 has been on the market, and has brought some interesting design. In August 11, Samsung launched the Note 7 in India with a new Gear VR headset,Gear Fit2 smartband and Gear IconX earbuds. The mix of these products and note 7 will be very attractive. What's more, it also offered with a Hybrid Dual SIM, which means the user can use two SIM cards or use one SIM card and expand the storage up to 256 GB by inserting a microSD card. How humanized design!

How excellent performance and superior design and how can I refuse to use note 7? But as a manager and sometimes I'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. In order to avoid to forget some important things, I usually write down the schedule and arrangement in my calendar. So when I exchange my old Samsung galaxy phone to Note 7, I must transfer my calendar to Note 7 right now.

Well, this is Mobile Transfer turn to play the role of the time. Mobile Transfer is a transferred expert. It can transfer calendar, musics, videos, contacts and even almost all data in your devices to different system such as Symbian, iOS, Android and Winphone without any loss. More importantly, Mobile Transfer is very simple to use. The following article will explain to you.


Steps to Transfer Calendar from Samsung Galaxy to Note 7

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode

First of all, download, install and launch Mobile Transfer. And we can see its four functions, "Restore From Backups", "Back Up Your Phone", "Erase Your Old Phone" and "Phone to Phone Transfer". Choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click "Start".

Step 2. Connect Your Devices to Computer

Now get both of us devices connected. The source phone should be set on the left while the destination phone is on the right. If their position is reversed, we can click "Flip" button to exchange them.

Step 3. Choose the File and Start to Transfer to Note 7

Check the contents list you would like to transfer. I will check the "Calendar" box to transfer what I need. After we check all files you would transfer, just click on "Start Transfer" to begin the transmission process, which will last for a while and the time will depend on a number of files. Please be patient and keep the devices connected.

Note: Before transferring, if you want to wipe data on your Galaxy Note 7, you can enter the "Clear Data before Copy" box to do so.

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