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How to Transfer Photos Videos from Samsung to Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the basis of the continuation of Note5 and S7Edge, has a number of new features, such as iris recognition, 6GB running memory, Type-C interface, a new touch screen technology–Y-OCTA, etc.. Note 7’s iris recognition algorithm is Samsung’s independent research and development, it uses infrared scanning, can be used at night, and the recognition rate is very high, the speed is also very fast.

Samsung’s constant innovation technology attracts me. Starting from the first use of Samsung S5, I will not miss its new product every time. This time, Note 7 is no exception. I will buy it.

Maybe someone will ask me, since you will buy Samsung’s every new product, then your frequency of change the new phone is high. Every time we get a new cell phone, we all want to copy the important data from the old phone to the new phone, and the process is often complicated. Does it bother you to change your mobile phone every time?

Certainly not. Because every time I change a new Samsung cell phone, I use SamsungTrans to process the phone data.
SamsungTrans is a practical and convenient data processing software, it can be said that my life’s mall assistant. Every time I encounter problems in the mobile phone data processing, it can help me to solve. It has the function of transferring, backup, delete and restore. So it can meet people’s basic needs. And it can be applied to different systems of mobile devices, such as iOS system, Android system, Symbian system, etc.. And the operation of this software is very simple, I will introduce the following transfer videos and photos from the old Samsung phone to Note 7 to prove my view.


One Click to Transfer Photos Videos from Old Galaxy to Galxy Note 7

Step 1. Run the Program and Choose a Transfer Mode

First of all, you should download the SamsungTrans to your computer. Then install and run it by prompt. Next, the program will have four features for you to choose, and you should click on “Phone To Phone Transfer” and press “Start”.

Step 2. Connect Both of Your Old and New Galaxy to PC

At this time, the program requires you to connect two phones to the computer. So you need two USB lines. When the program detects your phone, you need to observe whether the old Samsung phone is displayed on the left, Note 7 is displayed on the right. If the location of the two mobile phones is the opposite, you should click on “Flip”.

Step 3. Transfer Photos Videos to Galaxy Note 7

Finally, you can transfer the video and photos of your mobile phone. In the middle of the program interface, there are some files directory, find and check them, here please mark “Photos” and “Videos”. Then, click on “Start Transfer”. when the data transfer is successful, click “OK”.

Note: During the whole transfer process, two mobile phones must be properly connected to the computer in order to successfully transfer data.