How to Recover Deleted and Lost Contacts from iPhone XS(Max)

Summary: Feel helpless when lost some important contacts on your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? This tutorial will tells a most simple and effective way to get back the lost contacts from your iPhone XS(Max).

“I’ve lost some contacts, totally randomly (not all contacts, just some now and again). Naturally it’s always a contact that I use and go to phone or message and the contact has disappeared.After googling, I thought the issue may be to do with icloud. However, when I went to restore contacts with icloud, there were none to restore. I then checked on my phone to ensure it was backing up but each time I try and go into icloud on the iPhone XS(Max) it says “can’t connect to iCloud”. Has anyone else experienced losing some of their contacts? Thanks!” -Susam.

To recover the lost contacts from iPhone XS(Max) and save them on the computer, you need a professional iPhone contacts recovery tool, and you can have my proposal here: iPhone Data Recovery (for Windows users) or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac (for Mac users).

iPhone Data Recovery not only can help you to recover contacts from iPhone XS(Max), but also allows you restore other lost data which come stored on your iPhone before, such as text messages, photos, videos, notes, Safari bookmarks, call history, voicemial, voice memos, calendar, WhatsApp messages and so on. With this tool, you can scan and restore contact details directly from your iPhone XS(Max), also can extract contacts from iTunes and iCloud backup files. What’s more, you can use this iPhone Data Recovery tool to restore any lost or deleted data from iPad and iPod touch as well.

You can download the free trial version of ios data recovery to recover lost contacts from iPhone XS(Max) as below.


Directly Restore Deleted and Lost Contacts on iPhone XS(Max)

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone XS(Max) to the Computer

First of all, run the program after the installation,then connect your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max to your computer via its USB cable.

Step 2. Start Scanning Your iPhone XS(Max) for Lost Contacts

Once your iPhone XS(Max) is detected by the program, then please click on the “Start Scan” button to begin scanning your device for the lost contents.

Step 3. Directly Recover Selected Contacts from iPhone XS(Max)

After the scanning, all the recoverable files will be listed, as for contacts, the detailed information such as names of your contacts, phone numbers and E-mails can be previewed. You can selectively tick and click “Recover” to regain.

Since the iPhone Data Recovery allows you to extract contacts from the iTunes or iCloud backup file, so, if you have backed up your iPhone XS(Max) contacts to iTunes or iCloud, then you can easily and selectively restore them to your iPhone XS(Max) from iTunes or iCloud backup file.

Restore iPhone XS Contacts from iTunes Backup
Restore iPhone XS Contacts from iCloud Backup