How to Permanently Delete Reminders From iPhone

The reminders is a chronicle of documents, it can record the relevant activities or affairs, which reveal or reminder, so as not to forget. A memorandum may be used for personal affairs, as well as for business negotiations or business cooperation. So we often record important information in a memo. iPhone has a memorandum of app, that is reminder. But we also have a privacy leak in the memo, even if we delete the contents of the memo. Because the phone’s data can be recovered through the data recovery software. When your mobile phone is stolen or sold to someone, your data can easily be used by criminals. So, it is important to completely remove the phone data. It is also necessary to delete the contents of the memo regularly. But how do we completely remove the phone data?

I will introduce a excelent software to you – iOS SafeEraser.

iOS SafeEraser is a major software for iOS systems, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. It can clean up your data from iPhone devices such as memory, garbage, cache, cookies and so on, similar to other data management tools. It can put your iOS device inside the picture packaging compression, and then exported to the computer, the main purpose is to clean up a lot of pictures, freeing up more space, completely clear your iPhone iPad inside cache, or called privacy file. It also can thoroughly remove your iPhone or iPad’s cache, or privacy files, which can not being recovered after deletion, in addition, it also cleaning has been deleted file data. It can deeply format all the data or setting inside the iOS device. Besides, it can completely remove all the data in the Android devices.

Next, I will introduce how to use iOS SafeEraser to delete the reminders in the iPhone permanently.


1. You need to prepare a computer and a USB data line.
2. In the entire process of removing,you need to ensure that the connection is successful and there is no disconnect.
3. Backup iPhone Reminders to computer or iCloud/iTunes before wiping, once the deletion is finished, they can not being restored.

Steps to Permanently Delete Reminders From iPhone

Step 1. Manually Delete the Unwanted Reminders from iPhone

Open the Reminders app on your iPhone, and select the reminders that you don’t wanted to delete them on your iPhone manually.

Step 2. Download and Run iOS SafeEraser

First, download the iOS SafeEraser, according to the prompts to install the software. Next, run SafeEraser on your PC. Then, the main interface will have five blue circles, each of which represents a different function. When you move the mouse to these circles, it will appear the meaning of the function. From left to right are “Erase All Data”, “Erase Deleted Files”, “Erase Private Data”,“ Space Saver”, “iOS Optimizer”.

Step 3. Connect Your iPhone to Your Computer

You need to use the USB line to connect your iPhone to your computer. After the connection is successful, the left side of the window will display your phone’s storage. Then, click on the second one “Erase Deleted Files” to go on.

Step 4. Select Reminders and Delete Permanently

When you click “Erase Deleted Files”, wait a while, iOS SafeEraser will scan the deleted files from your iPhone, and on the left shows the file directory, select the contents you need to completely delete. At this point you need to choose reminders. Then, click on the lower right corner of the “Erase Now”.

Now the program will pop up a window, when you read three notes in the window, enter the “delete” to confirm. And click “Erase Now”. Reminders start to be deleted, wait for a while, it will appear “Successfully”, the deleting process is completed.