How to Transfer Contacts Meesages from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv

As we all know, BlackBerry used to be the representative of the smartphone, it has a very large user group. Because you have sufficient reasons to choose a BlackBerry phone, for example, material benefit price, high quality, the classic cool appearance, long standby time, very strong applicability and business performance, a large screen, full-keyboard input, lower radiation, the outstanding safety performance and so on. However, for focusing on user experience today, BlackBerry’s one of the most fatal weakness is lack of entertainment. Therefore, the vast majority of users gradually shifted to Android or iOS formation, just like iPhone, Samsung, etc. There’s no doubt that iPhone and Samsung are more suitable for the development needs of tide.

However, the BlackBerry phone is not easily disappear in people’s eyes, recently, we constantly hear the news about BlackBerry launched Android OS mobile phone, yes, that is the BlackBerry Priv which also named as BlackBerry Venice. BlackBerry Priv not only saved the old BlackBerry user’s confidence, and attracted a lot of new users. BlackBerry Priv preserves the traditional BlackBerry’s push-button keyboard and high security, and matching the high performance and entertainment functions. Can’t you wait to buy a new BlackBerry Priv? But since the traditional BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Priv are running different OS, lots of old BlackBerry users do not know how to transfer data including contacts and text messages from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv. In fact, that is the real reason that why we wrote this article. Just keep reading, and you will find a way.

Phone Transfer or Phone Transfer for Mac, which is a staggeringly capable phone to phone transfer program that perfectly compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry devices. So you can easily transfer your contacts, text messages and more data from the old BlackBerry phone to BlackBerry Priv with the help of this mobile transfer software. You can get a free trial Windows or Mac version by clicking the buttons below.


How to Transfer Contacts Text Meesages from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Priv

Step 1. Backup Data From Old BlackBerry Phone

Download and install the BlackBerry? Desktop Software to your computer firstly.

After installation, run the BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your old BlackBerry phone to your computer with its USB cable. The software will recognizes your phone soon.

Once your phone is detected, select the “Back Up” option from the desktop manager. You are allowed to selectively back up the entire device or only selected data on your phone. You can change the path where you saved your back up file according to your need. If done, click “Backup” to make a non-encrypted backup to the computer.

When the backup is complete, disconnect your device.

Step 2. Launch The Phone Transfer And Enable The Transfer Mode

Download and install Phone Transfer or Phone Transfer for Mac on the computer. Launch the software and connect your BlackBerry Priv with your computer by using USB cable. Then pressing “Restore from Backups” and click on “BlackBerry” to move on.

Step 3. Extract Backup And Transfer The Selected Data To BlackBerry Priv

On the next screen, you can see your phone on the right of window once it is recognized, and you need to choose the previous backup file in the drop-down menu on the left panel. Once you have do it, the program will automatically scanning to extracts all the transferable data from the selected backup file, and shows to you on the middle panel.

Tick your desired one and select the contents you want to restore. If you just need you contacts and text messages, tick the check boxes in front of them, and click on “Start Transfer” to sync to your BlackBerry Priv.

Note: You can also clear data on your BlackBerry Priv by checking the “Clear data before copy” box before transferring. Once the transfer program is begin, please do not disconnect your device until finished.