How to Transfer All Data from Android Phone to vivo Z6

Summary: This article will introduce you two easy ways to transfer all data from any Android phone to vivo Z6, let you enjoy your new phone freely.

With the support of Snapdragon 765G, vivo Z6 supports dual-mode 5G, bringing users a smooth and unimpeded 5G network experience. In terms of antenna design, vivo Z6 uses the antenna side distributed design and decoupling technology. The side distributed design can avoid the shielding of the antenna by conventional grips, thereby ensuring smooth network at all times. The Vivo Z6 uses an ultra-small aperture pole screen, which makes the front of the phone very visually impactful, and the 3D four-curved body design gives the phone an excellent grip. The back uses a nano-scale carving process, which can produce more light and shadow changes. And there are three colors to choose from, which are Polar Shadow Black, Interstellar Silver and Glacier. The Vivo Z6 is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery, and combined with the Vivo power-saving engine technology, the battery life is further improved by about 35%. Vivo Z6’s ultra-fast flash charger is equipped with a high-efficiency charge pump, which can charge up to 44W. You can charge 22% in 10 minutes, and charge to 100% in 65 minutes. Is this charging speed still worrying about the battery being empty? When the phone is out of power, just plug in the power and wait for a cup of tea, then you have the power to support one day of battery life.

As a dual-mode 5G mobile phone equipped with Snapdragon 765G, vivo Z6 not only has a high-speed network experience, but also has 44W ultra-fast flash charging + 5000mAh large battery lasting combat power, and a powerful rear four-shot + PC-level super liquid cooling . The price/performance ratio is not too high, are you excited? Do you want to learn how to transfer data from your old mobile phone to vivo Z6 if you have purchased or have not yet purchased vivo Z6? At this time, you only need Mobile Transfer, which can help you solve the problem very efficiently and easily.

Mobile Transfer is a very professional software for transferring data, but it does not require users to have relevant professional knowledge, and the operation is very simple, and saves a lot of time. Because of this, its usage rate is getting higher and higher, and the praise is very high. Recommend to you not only because of the above advantages, but also the following advantages. First, there are many types of data that can be transferred, such as contacts, call logs, text messages, pictures, audio, memos, videos, application software related information, etc. In addition, it has super compatibility. Not only can be transmitted on various Android, but also between IOS, but also between Android and IOS. It is worth mentioning that the software can be used on six different devices.


Part 1 Directly Sync All Data from Android to vivo Z6

Step 1: Select the transmission mode

First download, install and run “Mobile Transfer” on your computer. Next, please click the “Phone To Phone Transfer” mode on the main interface, and then click “Start”.

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer

Now, please connect your Android phone and vivo Z6 to the computer with USB. After the connection is completed, vivo Z6 is on the right side of the main interface, and the Android phone is displayed on the left. If the order of the two devices is reversed, you need to click the “Flip” button to exchange the location of the two phones, otherwise the data obtained will not be what you need.

Step 3: Select the type of transmission data

Now you can check the data you need in the data type directory of the main interface, click “Start Transfer” after the preview confirmation, and transfer the data to your vivo Z6.

Note: If you want to delete the existing data of vivo Z6 before transferring, you can select the “Clear data before copy” button. Please do not interrupt the connection between the phone and the computer during the transfer. Please be patient, the speed of transmission depends on the amount of data.

Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to vivo Z6

Step 1: Select the transmission mode

Run “Mobile Transfer”, then click “restore from backups” on the page, and then click “MobileTrans” in the project.

Note: The premise of selecting “MobileTrans” is that you have used this Mobile Transfer software to backup data from old Android phones. In addition, the program also supports other backup files, such as Kies backup, iCloud backup, iTunes backup, etc. If you get any kind of backup file, you can also choose it.

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer

Now you need to connect your vivo Z6 to your computer with its USB cable.

Step 3: Select the type of transmission data

Please select one of the backup files in the left panel. The program will extract all the transferable files from the selected backup file and display them to you. Please select the file type to be transferred. After the computer detects your device, you can click “Start Transfer” to synchronize to your vivo Z6. At this time, you can see the transfer progress bar on the main interface.

Note: During the transmission process, please keep the device in good contact with the computer. Please also be patient, the speed of transmission depends on the amount of data.