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How to Transfer Photos Videos from Android to Samsung Galaxy J4/J6

Compared with the current mainstream 18:9, 18.5: 9 screen ratio has a more visual impact. Samsung mobile phones are basically equipped with curved screens 18.5:9'sin their latest flagship. Samsung mobile phones are basically equipped with a full screen on its latest flagship, whose screen rate is 18.5: 9. Moreover, Samsung intends to use this screen proportion in the medium and low end products. Samsung Galaxy J4's and Samsung Galaxy J6's battery have continued the design of the J series of removable batteries.

I bet that if you buy a Samsung Galaxy J4/J6 to replace your previous one, you will run into a problem--how to transfer your memorable data form your previous device to Samsung Galaxy J4/J6, such as photos and videos? Nowadays, it's easier to record our life by camera, thus, more and more photos and videos are stored in our phones. In this case, how can we transfer our loads of photos and videos? I have been sicked of waiting for a long time when transferrind data, and it finally showed that the transfer failed or some data missed. It's really annoying. But now, I don't need to be so anxious, neither do you, because the reliable and powerful software - Mobile Transfer can facilitate the process of transfer data. That software is so well-received that I extremely can't wait to recommend it to you.

Actually, with this admirable software, we can have easy access to transfer data at a high speed and without any lost. Although there are lots of tools that can help us transfer data, some of them support limited devices or data. However, Mobile Transfer applies to many assortments of devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, vivo, OPPO, LG, HTC, Sony, Nokia, OnePlus, to name a few. What's more, no matter the contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, videos, call logs, music, they are all accessible. Besides, the software is able to complete all our orders utterly, and will not leak any of our privacy or bring a virus to our computer.

In short, when you need to transfer data, I hope you can take this practical into cinsideraton. It's worth your trust. It is not only reliable, but also very easy to operate. You just need to operate it according to its clear guidances. Now please let me show you how to transfer videos and photos from Android phone to Samsung Galaxy J4/J6 to help you master the method. Read it carefully and try to understand it.


Steps to Sync Photos and Videos from Android to Samsung Galaxy J4/J6

Step 1. Run the software and connect two devices to the computer

To begin with, download and function the Mobile Transfer on your computer from the official website, then click the "Phone to Phone Transfer" button and press "Start" in the primary window.

During the download period, concatenate your Android and Samsung Galaxy J4/J6 to computer via their USB cables for the sake of allowing the software to scan your phone. After connecting, the software will detect and glance through your phones by itself instantaneously. Next your phones will appear on both sides of the window. Please make sure that the source phone (old Android phone) must to be presented on the left, and the target device (Samsung Galaxy J4/J6) must to be presented on the right. At that rate, the data will be transferred from Android Phone to Samsung Galaxy J4/J6. If they are out of place, you can simply press "Flip" to exchange their sites.

Step 2. Select file and initiate it

When ererything is in orders, you are able to pick the data you trend to transfer. It's so optional that you are free to choose whatever you want. For example, since we need to switch photos and videos over, we can click the "Photos" and "Videos" in the cagalogue of the transfer-content and view the detail. Then click the "Start Transfer" button to begin the process. Then photos and videos will be shifted from Android to Samsung Galaxy J4/J6. In addition, in order to make it operate efficiently, please make sure that both phones and computers are connected during the whole process.

Tips: If necessary, you can check the "Clear Date Before Copy" box if you would like to erase data on your Samsung Galaxy J4/J6.

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