How to Recover Deleted and Lost Videos from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E

Summary: Guess that some Samsung galaxy S10/S10+/S10E users might have difficulties in recovering deleted annd lost videos. In fact, you could also easily recover Contacts, Call Logs, Pictures, Audios, Whatsapp Messages, Documents and more from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E with Samsung Data Recovery.

In the early morning of February 21, Samsung officially held a global conference to release its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S10 Series in 2019. Snapdragon 855, digging screen, ultrasonic screen fingerprint and so on have become the focus of this conference. At the same time, the appearance of Samsung’s first folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold has attracted the attention of many users. The three mobile phones all use the same design language and basically have the same appearance. The difference lies in the size of the fuselage and the “hole digging” style of the screen. Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E adopt pre-single camera, so the “hole digging” is smaller. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ carries the pre-dual camera, so the hole digging will be larger. However, Samsung’s own wallpaper has been skillfully darkened in the upper right corner, and the hole is not obvious on the home page. In addition, all three mobile phones adopt a multi-color fuselage design, of which the highest positioning Galaxy S10+ has up to five kinds of color matching, while the other two have only three kinds of color matching.

Best Method: Recover Deleted/Lost Videos from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E with Samsung Data Recovery

Well, after briefly knowing about the different three Samsung Galaxy S10 series of phones with various styles, let us get back to the point. The issue is that how should we take measures when we actually encounter the frustrated recovery problems either by mistake or accident. Actually, just as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have faith in a special and professional recovery program hoping that it could help those people, sincerely and confidently. Samsung Data Recovery, in all its glory of recovering, backuping any data files as you like and fixing some specific phone problems is here, I consider you may never miss this software which is also being prevalent among the young especially for those who have no clues and no idea when it truely happens. Moreover, only withfour simple and easy-to-operate steps could you easily handle it, and it is also the reason why Samsung Data Recovery is becoming increasingly popular in the market. For more details, you might as well read the following paragraphs.


Models Included: Samsung Galaxy Fold/Samsung S10/Samsung S10+/Samsung S10E/Samsung Galaxy Note9/Samsung Galaxy S9/Samsung Galaxy Note8/Samsung Galaxy S8/Samsung Galaxy S7 and so on.
Data Included: Contacts/Call Logs/Videos/Pictures/Photos/Audios/Whatsapp Messages/Text Messages/Documents and so forth.

Step 1. Safely download Samsung Data Recovery and starup the program

Usually, in the primary place, sefely downloading, installing and running Samsung Data Recovery is the precondition that you can smoothly carry out the recovery task. Actually, using your own personal computer will be better to keep your information secure if conditional.

Step 2. Connect and capacitate USB debugging on your device

Well, if you successfully run the program, please don’t forget to connect your phone to the computer via the USB cable for the sake to capacitate USB debugging on your phone to get it detected. Of course, you could refer to the figure below for more.

Step 3. Select file types to scan

You will see the file types of the data if well-detected including “Contacts&Messages” and “Media”. For instance, if you have an attempt to recover Deleted/Lost Videos from one of the three phones, just select the corresponding options and click “Next” to have your data scanned.

Step 4. Preview and restore the selected videos

No more than a few minutes, you will see all the results which have the possibilities to be restored appear in the window interface. All you have to do now is to preview the results, tick your favourable ones and press the “Recover” button to restore them.

Backup Videos from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E to Computer

In addition to directly restore your deleted and lost data from any Samsung Galaxy devices, this program also allows you to backup and restore your phone data. There is no doubt that backup is the best way to circumvent the risk of data loss. Next, let’s show you how to backup your videos from Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E.

Step 1. Click on “Android Data Backup & Restore” option on the homepage after running the software.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E to your computer.

Step 3. Once your device is detected, select “Device Data Backup” option to go on.

Step 4. Make sure that you’ve selected all the videos that you want to backup, and the save path of the backup file has been set. Then click on “Start” button to begin exporting the selected videos from your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E to computer.

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