How to Recover SMS/Text Messages and Attachments from Samsung Galaxy J8

Summary: The most simple and effective way to restore the deleted and lost text messages from Samsung Galaxy J8 no matter with or without backup.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung J8 will be equipped with Lulong 636 processor, and 4G and 6G storage versions. In photography, Samsung Galaxy J8 will be equipped with 2400w+1600w dual cameras in the rear and 1600w+1600w dual cameras in the front. We can see that the main hit is to take photos. It seems that the main hit young women market is not running. It is revealed that its photographic analysis is quite good, because the aperture is generally large. Small, so there will be some shortcomings in night shooting. Does the screen use the most advanced Super AMOLED screen nowadays? This screen is usually used on Samsung’s flagship mobile phone. Its color and touch feel are first-class, and its power capacity is as high as 3500 mAh in terms of endurance, which is a good configuration.

Since Samsung Note 9 has just been released, so this Samsung Galaxy J8 should not be available in the short term. As for how to evaluate this mobile phone, the specific situation remains to be seen. So here we are not talking about a mobile phone, but another issue that everyone is very concerned about. How much do you know about how to recover the deleted and lost SMS from Samsung Galaxy J8?

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Steps to Restore Deleted and Lost Messages on Samsung Galaxy J8 without Backup

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy J8 to PC after running the program.

In the first place, install and run this recovery software after downloading, then choose the “Android Data Recovery” option among all the toolkits. At the same time, according to the instructions, you should connect your Samsung Galaxy J8 to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 2. Capacitate USB debugging on your phone from the “Settings” interface.

Next, you have to startup USB debugging mode on your phone from the “Settings” interface to get you phone matched. For more concrete movements, you could refer to the figures given.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.

Not for a moment you will catch sight of all the file types if everything goes well. After that, please skip and choose the corresponding options (“Messages” and “Message Attachments” from “Contacts&Messages”), press the “Next” button to have the data scanned.

Then click “Next” button to scan the the deleted and lost data from your Samsung Galaxy J8.

Step 4. Perform the recovery tasks.

A short while later, all the specific lost messages items which can be likely to restorw will all displayed. Preview and selectively tick them, them click “Recover” to perform the recovery tasks.

Warm Tips: Please keep your phone connected well during the whole recovery process, or else it’ll be not smoothly and take you longer time to wait.