How to Recover Deleted and Lost SMS/Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy A80

Summary: This article will tells a simple and reliable way to get back the deleted and lost SMS, text messages and more from Samsung Galaxy A80 even if without backup.

“I lost all my data from my Samsung Galaxy A80 after restored it back to factory settings, I can download my photos and videos from the cloud disk, but how about my text messages? Is it possible to restore the lost SMS from my Samsung Galaxy A80 without backup?” – Asked by Samirs.

What happens when your SMS is deleted from your Samsung Galaxy A80? Don’t think it’s a small thing or that SMS is not important, but it often has a great impact on our life and work. My friend once missed an important cancellation message because he deleted all the SMS. When we enter “Restore deleted” on the website, there will always be “Restore Deleted text Message” or “Restore Deleted Photos” and so on. According to the survey, in many mobile phone files, the probability of text messages being deleted by mistake is very high. So all of us should know how to recover lost or deleted data from our mobile phones. When we learn this skill, the loss of mobile data is really a small problem, because we can solve it quickly in person. So today I’ll take the example of restoring text messages from Samsung Galaxy A80 to show how to retrieve lost or deleted data.

A good data recovery software will be of great help to us. I will use Android Data Recovery here. It has many advantages. First, it supports various types of data recovery, including text messages, contacts, message attachments, call history, gallery, audio, videos, WhatsApp messages and so on. Secondly, it has a deep scan function, which can retrieve the deleted data and let us preview all the scanning result before recovery. In addition, it supports a variety of Android devices, such as Samsung, which supports Samsung Galaxy S Series, Samsung Galaxy A Series, Samsung Galaxy Note Series, Samsung Galaxy C Series, Samsung Galaxy J Series, Samsung Galaxy Tab and so on. More importantly, it’s easy to use, we can recover data quickly and the whole process is safe.


Steps to Restore Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy A80 Without Backup

Step 1. Download Android Data Recovery and install it on your computer. Launch the software and connect your Samsung Galaxy A80 to the computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. You need to have USB debugging enabled on your Samsung Galaxy A80 for this process to work. If you don’t know how to enable USB debugging mode, you can follow the onscreen instruction from the program. After that click “OK” on your computer.

Step 3. Next, select the file types you need and scan from your device, please choose “Messages” and “Message Attachments”, then click on “Next” to go on.

Step 4. Before that, the program needs to be authorized to scan the phone. So tap Allow/Grant/Authorize when the permission request message pops up. Click “Retry” if the messages don’t pop up on your phone.

Step 5. Scanning results will be grouped by content in the left pane. Click “Messages”, then you can preview the details and determine whether these recoverable messages are files to be recovered. Finally, select and click “Recover” to save it to your computer.

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