How to Retrieve Deleted Data from Samsung on Mac

Nowadays, smart phones become an indispensable part of our life. On the market, a variety of mobile phone manufacturers compete with each other, and constantly progress, and constantly innovate. In the entire mobile phone industry, from the perspective of strength, Samsung currently belongs to a company who no one can catch up, including Apple. Only Samsung has all the core technology. The best Super AMOLED screen, The fastest 64 bit exynos processor, isocell camera module with independent research and development, the most advanced memory and flash charge, including battery and plastics are produced by Samsung. Samsung mobile phone has been much attention and expectations of people.

Let me talk about the problems that Samsung mobile phone users may encounter it. When you use a cell phone for some time, you will find that the phone’s running speed is slow. And you usually have to clean up the phone’s information to solve this problem. So, what do you do when you accidentally remove important files? You want to restore them by what method?

Android Recovery for Mac is a very good software. It was rated the world’s first Android device recovery software. It supports a file type that has Contacts, Messages, Photos, Video, Audio, WhatsApp, Documents, and Call History. And it currently supports more than 6 thousand of Android devices in the world, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Sony and so on. You can recover deleted files by the software, and the process is safe


Steps to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Devices on Mac

Step 1. Connect Your Samsung Mobile to Mac

First, download and install Android Data Recovery on your Mac. Then connect your Samsung phone to the Mac using the USB line.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on Samsung Mobile

Next, you need to start the USB debugging, the specific steps as shown in the below picture.

Step 3. Analysis of Your Samsung Mobile

When you turn on the USB debugging, you need to reconnect your phone to your Mac. Then you will get the following window. You just click “OK” to get to the next step. In addition, you need to ensure that your mobile phone battery power is not less than 20%. Then, the program requires you to check the types of file you want to scan. When you choose to finish, click “Next”. So the program began to analyze your Samsung mobile phone.

Note: If the program asks you to allow the super user request, you need to click the “Allow” button on your phone’screen. Once done, the program will begin to scan the data on your Android device.

Step 4. Scan and Restore Deleted Data on Samsung

After analyzing your cell phone, the program began to scan the phone data. There are two scan modes for you to choose, one is the standard mode, and another is the advanced mode. You choose according to your needs. After the end of the scan, all the data can be recovered will be displayed. You can preview them, including SMS and WhatsApp chats. Check the data you need to restore, click “Recover”.

Note: Before the whole recovery processus finish, please do not disconnect your Samsung device with Mac.