How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Realme V5

Summary: What should I do if the phone data is lost? Don’t worry, this article will introduce users to three efficient and convenient methods to recover lost and deleted data on your Realme V5.

In terms of design, Realme V5 is equipped with a 6.5-inch full screen with a resolution of 1080P and can support a 90Hz refresh rate. It uses a single-hole design on the upper left corner of the screen. In addition, the screen frame of Realme V5 is relatively narrow, and the three sides are almost the same visually. In terms of taking pictures, the camera performance of Realme V5 is good. It is equipped with a total of four cameras, namely a 48-megapixel main camera + 119-degree ultra-wide-angle lens + super macro lens + black and white portrait lens. The four cameras provide a wealth of camera functions and are very practical. In terms of performance, realme V5 is equipped with Dimensity 720 chip and supports MediaTek 5G UltraSave energy-saving technology to extend battery life. In addition, Realme V5 also uses dual-channel LPDDR4X RAM and dual-channel UFS2.1 ROM configuration. In terms of battery life, Realme V5 has a built-in 5000mAh super-capacity battery. At the same time, it provides 30W fast charging. So the battery life of Realme V5 is very good.

All in all, the performance of Realme V5 far exceeds its price. Therefore, it attracted many customers to buy it. However, in the process of using the mobile phone, data in the mobile phone is often lost due to some reasons. When the data in the user’s mobile phone is lost, how should we deal with it? Of course, it is to use an efficient and convenient method to restore the lost or deleted data in the device. There are so many ways to recover data in the market, so how should users choose these methods? In order to facilitate users to recover data in their mobile phones in the most efficient and convenient way, this article specifically introduces two methods for users to help users retrieve lost or deleted data in Realme V5.

Method 1. Restore Lost Data from Realme V5 from Local Backup

Regular backup can effectively avoid data loss. If you have backed up your Realme V5 through the backup function that comes with your phone, then you can use the following methods to restore the lost data.

Step 1: Unlock your phone, then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Back Up and Reset > Backup & Restore, then you can see all the backup record which listed by different backup time.

Step 2: Choose a backup file according to your need to restore data including Applications (Applications and Application Data), Personal Data (Contacts, Messages and more) and System Data (System Settings, Clock and more) to your Realme V5.

Note: Your device will displays the progress and details till the restoration is done. Please make sure the battery of your phone is adequate, turnning off or restarting your phone is not allowed during the restoration process, to avoid damage to the backup file or loss of data.

Method 2. Directly Recover Data from Realme V5 without Backup

Realme Data Recovery is a software dedicated to data recovery. All its functions are developed for data recovery. Now I will introduce this software for you! Realme Data Recovery completes the data recovery operation is very simple. The user only needs to download the software to the computer, and then connect the device to the computer. Finally, it takes a few clicks and selecting the data that needs to be recovered to recover the lost or deleted data in Realme V5. There are many data that this software can recover, such as contacts, photos, videos, audios, SMS Messages, call records, memos, WhatsApp chat records, etc. In addition, this data software also has super compatibility. With its help, users only need to use USB to connect the device to the computer without worrying about whether your device is compatible with the software.


Step 1: Run Realme Data Recovery on the computer

The user needs to select the appropriate Realme Data Recovery version according to the computer version and download it to the computer. Then complete the installation according to the software’s prompts. After the installation is successful, wait for the software to run automatically.

Step 2: Select the recovery mode

After entering Realme Data Recovery, select “Android Data Recovery” mode on the page.

Step 3: Connect Realme V5 to the computer

After selecting the recovery mode, please connect Realme V5 to the computer with a USB cable. Then complete the USB debugging on Realme V5. If the user does not know how to complete the USB debugging, you can complete the operation according to the prompts on Realme Data Recovery.

Step 4: Select the file type to scan

Users can view all recoverable data types on the software’s page. Select the type of data to be recovered, and then click “Next” to scan.

Step 5: Preview and recover data

After scanning, all data-specific items are displayed on the Realme Data Recovery page. Users can preview all specific items of data on the page, and then select data as needed. After selecting, click “Recover” to recover the lost or deleted data of Realme V5.

Method 3. Restore Data to Realme V5 through Backup

Step 1: Run Realme Data Recovery on the computer, and then select the “Android Data Backup & Restore” mode on the page.

Step 2: Connect Realme V5 to the computer. Then select “Device Data Restore” or “One-click Restore” mode on the page.

“Device Data Restore”: Users can selectively restore data to the device according to their own needs.
“One-Click Restore”: Restore the whole data from the selected backup to the device with one click.

Step 3: After selecting “Device Data Restore”, select the desired backup file from the backup list on the page, and then click the “Start” button to extract the data in the backup.

Step 4: Select the extracted data to be restored to Realme V5, and then click “Recover to Device” to complete the data recovery.