How to Recover Deleted and Lost Audio from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+

Summary: This arictle will tells the best way to directly restore the deleted and lost audio from Samsung Galaxy Note10, as well as Samsung Galaxy Note10+. And tell you how to backup your data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ to computer.

This year is the first year for China to officially enter 5G commercialization. When it comes to 5G technology and 5G smart phones, Samsung is the most concerned. Since ten years ago, Samsung has been investing heavily in R&D 5G and setting standards for 5G. For many years, it has led the industry with its leading 5G technology. Today, Samsung officially launched its first 5G smartphone in China on August 21st – Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G. As the new flagship of the 5G era, the Galaxy Note10+ 5G highlights the cutting-edge innovation and high-end quality of the top flagship, and sets the flagship benchmark for 5G mobile phones in the entire industry.

With the Note series is more and more popular, the user may encounter problems also emerge in endlessly. When we accidentally deleted the phone data and these data is important, how do we do? For example, I deleted the audio in Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+ 5G, how can I recover?

You can use Android Data Recovery. This is a practical data processing tools. It can help you to solve the problem of data recovery, such as your phone password forgot and can’t use, your data is lost due to system upgrades, phone system crashes and lead to the loss of data, or the most simple, you accidentally delete phone data. Some of these problems are very complex, and some are very simple, but it is not a problem for Android Data Recovery. And the software can now be applied to more than 6 thousand Android devices, almost all of the Android devices on the market it can be compatible with.

If you are using Android Data Recovery for the first time or are not familiar with the operation process, please read the following tutorial.


Steps to Restore Audio on Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+

Step 1. Firstly, run Android Data Recovery to your computer, then click on “Android Data Recovery” and connect your Samsung phone to the computer with USB line.

Next, the program will pop up a window, you need to open the USB debugging on your phone. You need to do it manually, the software automatically identifies your Android system and teaches you how to operate it.

Step 2. When USB debugging mode is enabled and Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+ 5G is successfully connected to the computer, the screen will display all data types that can be recovered, such as contacts, messages, call history, audio, videos, WhatsApp messages, photos, etc. Choose the appropriate data type according to your needs. If you just want to restore the audio, select it, and then click the “Next” to scan the selected data on your phone.

Before the software scans the data on your phones, the program needs your authorization to continue. Now, when the superuser needs authorization, click Allow/Grant/Authorize. If you do not see such a requirement, you need to install the application and click “Retry”.

Step 3. After the scan is completed, all the type files you choose will be displayed. You can browse them item by item. Preview and select the data you want to restore, and then click the “Recover” to complete the recovery process.

Steps to Backup Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ to Computer

Step 1. Similarly, run the software then choose “Android Data Backup & Restore” in the main interface, at the same time, please connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ to the computer.

Step 2. Wait until your device is detected, you can to choose “Device Data Backup” or “One-click Backup” option to back up your phone.

Step 3. Once your device is ready for backup, then click “Start” button to begin exporting your data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ to computer.

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