How to Clean Junk Files from iPhone/iPad/iPod

“My iPhone 5S run more slowly, especially running the big game, not much memory available, and how to quickly accelerate the phone run, clean unnecessary files?”

Many iPhone users find devices running slowly after a period of using, especially some friends like to play games, they can not wait to accelerate the iPhone operation. Why iPhone running more slowly? Most users know, usually install different software, visit the website, download video images, or online shopping these acts will take up a lot of memory space, but also does not make sense to generate some data, such as cache, cookies, error logs, game files, temp files, etc.iPhone used for some time to accumulate more and more junk files, thus affecting the performance of the iPhone and the available memory, cause the iPhone to run slowly.

So how to Clear Junk Files from iPhone?
If you want to free up some valuable space on your phone, improve its performance and delete those meaningless junk files.Here recommend a professional File Cleaner-iOS Data Eraser.Which allow you to allows you free up a lot of space for your iPhone with one tap only,and remove all types of junk files, including caches, invalid files, cookies, corrupt files and so on.


Clean Junk Files from iPhone using iOS Data Eraser

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

After installation, run iPhone Data Eraser on your computer.Then connect iPhone to your computer with a cable. Entering the software, your iPhone can be detected automatically.

Step 2.Choose “Express Cleanup” option

You need to choose “iOS Optimzer“in the left column,when your iPhone is recognized,then click “Start Scan” button.

Step 3. Wipe Junk Files on iPhone

After scan is finished, the file is found will be listed before deleting, you confirm that you want to delete the best preview, and then select the required cleanup.Then Clicking “CleanUp” button means they will never be recovered.

iOS Data Eraser not only allows you to Permanently Remove Junk Files from iPhone,but also allows you to Delete all data such as photos, memos, SMS, reminders, notes, apps, saved IDs, account setting and many more on iPhone.