How To Delete Everything Off Of An iPhone

Nowadays, more and more people use iPhone, the reason is that the iPhone has a powerful iOS system, as well as excellent performance. Many used the iPhone’s friend told me that since you with the iPhone, you don’t want to use Android phone. iPhone really have such a big charm? Yes. With the upcoming release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 5Se, it will lead to a new round of mobile phone storm. So, how to deal with the original old iPhone? People usually sell to other people or gifts to relatives and friends. And at this point, you need to do a very important thing, in order to protect your personal privacy, you must put all the information in your old iPhone deleted. And how can we do that? iOS SafeEraser can help you.

iOS SafeEraser is a powerful software to clean up the device. It has enough ability to permanently remove your data. It can thoroughly remove the phone’s data to protect your privacy. It also like the traditional security software, clear the cache, optimize the storage space, clean up the garbage, clean up memory, etc. But this software is mainly used in the iOS system products, Android phones can only use a feature “Erase All Data”.

Then, I will introduce one of the functions – Erase All Data as an example, to show how to use the software. You need to pay attention to is that you’d better put on your mobile phone data backup of all to iTunes and iCloud before the operation, because when you use SafeEraser to delete your data, you won’t be able to get back, and you can’t do it with a recovery tool.


Attention please: Before deleting your iPhone data, please back up those what you may sitll needed firstly, once the deletion is completed, nothing can be restored. If there is no doubt, let’s begin now.

Steps To Delete Everything Off Of An iPhone

Step 1. Download and Run iOS SafeEraser

Firstly, you should download and install the software, and then run it on your PC. You will see the main interface as shown in figure.

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to Your Computer

Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer, and the program will show you the phone’s storage condition on the left.

Step 3. Choose a Wiping Mode

Select the first feature “Erase All Data”, then the interface of the program is shown in figure.

Step 4. Delete All Data from Your iPhone

You carefully read the text of the interface.After determining no problem, enter the “delete” in the input box, and click on the “Erase Now” below the right. Now the program will begins to wipe your phone data, waiting for a while. When your data is completely cleared, as shown in the figure.

Note: Throughout the operation, please do not disconnect your iPhone.