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How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Galaxy Note 7

In a small range of product exchange meeting before the launch event, my friend experienced Galaxy Note 7 for about 5 minutes. Galaxy Note 7 using both sides completely symmetrical design and it combines both sides' surface of the double curved screen with the glass panel, which create a outstanding sense of design. Generally, my friends have a high score of note 7.

After knowing the new characteristics of Galaxy Note 7, I also want to buy one to exchange my old iPhone. However, my commonly used WhatsApp has storaged many messages, I want to keep them, how can I transfer them to new Galaxy Note 7 as soon as I buy it?

iOS Data Recovery, which is a excellent software to restore lost and deleted data on your iOS devices, can also help me easily and efficiently transfer my WhatsApp messages and attachments from iOS devices to iOS or Android devices with a click. What's more, iOS Data Recovery can backup & restore your data without any loss. Well, This article will guide you how to use iOS Data Recovery to transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Galaxy Note 7. Please follow our simple steps to below if you need.


Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Galaxy Note 7

Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery and Choose the Mode

Download, install and launch iOS Data Recovery on your computer, then we will see its four modes on the left sidebar. Select the last one "More Tools" to go on.

Then, on the next window, please choose "iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore" and click "Transfer WhatsApp messages" to enter the WhatsApp data transfer mode.

Step 2. Connect Your Devices to PC

The software will enter next interface after we choose the mode. Now connect both of your iPhone and Note 7 to computer via USB cables. The iPhone as thesource phone should be set on the left while the Note 7 as the destination phone is on the right. If we reverse their position, just need to click "Flip" in the middle of the window to exchange them.

Step 3. Transfer the WhatsApp Messages to Note 7

iOS Data Recovery will recognize your devices soon, once they are recognized, then click "Transfer" to begin the process. Since the software will erase existing WhatsApp messages in the destination phone, you need to click "Yes" to make the process continue, if you want to transfer it.

Please keep the two devices connected well until the process finishes. By the way, when the process finishes, you can restore a backup of the WhatsApp messages, if you do not want it, click "Skip" to finish the program.

Tip: The WhatsApp chat history will be removed in the Note 7after the transferring.


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