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How to Transfer .VCF (vCard) Contacts to Android Phone

How to save the contacts in the Vcard copy to Android mobile phone? Many people will develop the habit of keeping contacts. We may back up the phone contacts to the computer, or to export to Vcard, or OutLook, etc.. These are the ways to avoid losing a cell phone contact. Because our cell phone may be out of a variety of circumstances, such as stolen, the phone broke down. At this point, we have enough reason to buy a new mobile phone. And we also have the need to transfer the phone contacts to the new phone. So, what should we do? I urgently want to know how to put the contacts in the Vcard into the Android phone.

Mobile Manager is a very professional software that provides the effective yet safe solutions to manage your phone data. You can use it to manage your Andorid or iOS contacts. With the help of this program, you are allowed to import/export/add/delete contacts on almost all Android phone on PC with ease, and ever merge duplicate contacts from Android phones in a click. In addition, it is not only manage contacts, but also manage other mobile phone files, such as text messages, photos, etc.. Mobile Manager is as far as possible to improve itself and meet the needs of people.


Steps to Transfer .VCF (vCard) Contacts to Android Phone

Step 1. Connect the Android Phone to the Computer

First, download and install Mobile Manager, and run it on your computer. Then, you need to choose your phone type, because you will connect to the Android phone, so click on “Android”.

At the same time, connect your Android phone to the computer, you can use the USB line or WIFi. When the program detects your phone, the interface is as follows.

Tip: If you connect your phone with USB cable, you need to enable USB debugging on the phone. Only when you enable USB debugging, the program can detect your phone.

Step 2. Enter the Contact Window and Choose the Vcard Contacts

You need to click on the “Contact” on the left column. Then, the program will automatically scan the phone contacts, and display to you. There are several icons on the top of these files. Click “Import”, and select “from Vcard file”.

On the pop up dialog, please click on “Browse” to find the save path where you save the .VCF file to previous, and choose the vCard contacts as you like. After that, you need to select a contacts accound and click on “OK”.

Step 3. Import the Contact to the Android Phone

At this point, the program will automatically import the selected vCard contacts to the connected Android device. Please keep your phone connected to PC in the whole transfer process until it is completed.

When the transfer is finished, you can click to preview and manage all the contacts from this .VCF files.