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How to Transfer Text Messages from Old Galaxy to Note 7

"If the text messages on the phone can be transferred to another phone without bluetooth through an esay way? The buletooth on my old Galaxy is broken, but now I need to transfer text messages to Note 7. I don't want to transfer text messages from phone yo phone one by one manually. That kind of transfer is slow and boring. I need an efficent and realible method. If anyone knows, please give me a favor, thanks."

Speaking to data transfer, everyone wants a simple and fast way. Now, we have. To avoid the long-waiting time and the imcomplete transferred data, I introduce you to try Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is designed to fixing the problems of data transfer professionally. It can hanle various situations that you will meet during the data transfer process, deal with the problems and simplize the process. It makes transfer more easier and help users save their time. When transfer data with it, it will offer the safest and the most reliable way to transfer the selected data for users. By the way, it can sevice iOS users and Android users,


Steps to Transfer Text Messages from Old Galaxy to Samsung Note 7

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer and Connect Your Device

Please download and install Mobile Transfer on the computer. Next, open the program and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and press "Start".

Then, connect old Galaxy and Note 7 to the computer via USB cables. After the devices are connected successfully, the images of your devices will appear on the window.

There are two positions, Source Device and Destination Device. The data will be transferred from the source device to the destination one. The Source should be old Galaxy and the destination should be Note 7. If you find the position is wrong, clicking the "Flip" button can correct mistake.

Step 2. Transfer Text Messages to Your Note 7

Select "Text Messages" in the content list which is among your phones. And then, click "Start Transfer" button to begin copying text messages on old Galaxy. Please do not disconnect the devices to the computer until the copying is done. When copying process is over, text messages are tranferred to Note 7 completely.

Note: Before copying, if you want to delete data on your Note 7, you can enter the "Clear Data before Copy" box to do so.

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