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Transfer Samsung Photos/Messages to iPhone 11

Summary: Congratulations on your new iPhone 11! Secondly, it is important to transfer all data, contacts, Messages, photos and videos from the Android Samsung Galaxy to the new iPhone 11. There are many ways to confirm the contact information of sending Photos/Messages from Samsung mobile phone to iPhone 11.

Something about iPhone 11:

The iPhone 11 used a lot of design cues in the previous iPhone XR. Apple’s 6.1-inch LCD, known as the liquid retina display, appears. This screen provides a resolution of 828×1792 pixels, as well as true tone and wide color gamut. The phone is made of glass separated by an aluminum frame. IP 68 waterproof and dustproof grade (up to 2m in 30 minutes). It shows that the target of the business group is almost the same size as the previous model.

Finally, a dual camera setup was applied to the back of the iPhone 11. This is similar to what we saw on the iPhone XS last year. There are two 12MP cameras on the back, the first is ordinary photos (26mm wide angle), and the second is ultra wide angle (13mm) photos. The camera is set for low tide photos with a quad core LED dual color flash. Other notable features are vertical screen mode, intelligent HDR and panorama. With this setting, you can record video at 4K resolution with up to 60fps and HDR. The front of the phone is equipped with a 12MP camera similar to a high-resolution self timer.

Problem Analysis:

Apple’s latest main machine has many advanced features and will provide unforgettable experience. But if you really want a smooth experience, you have to start with data or Photos/Messages. As a result, the phone is nothing without Photos/Messages.

As boring as it may sound, it’s actually very easy to send Photos/Messages with iPhone 11 on Samsung Galaxy phones. ITunes, move to IOS, mobile transfer and many options available. Here are the five most used options to tell you how to sync/transfer messages/videos from Samsung to iPhone 11.

Method Outline:

Way 1: Transfer Samsung Photos/Messages to iPhone 11 with Mobile Transfer

Way 2: Transfer Samsung Photos/Messages to iPhone 11 Via Move to iOS app

Way 3: Sync Samsung Messages to iPhone 11 Using Phone Copier App

Way 4: Video Guide for Transfer Samsung Data to iPhone 11

Way 1: Transfer Samsung Photos/Messages to iPhone 11 with Mobile Transfer

Here will bring a simple data mobile phone data transfer program Mobile Transfer. The tool helps to transfer all important data and contact information from the previous Samsung machine to the new iPhone 11 machine. Support Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 plus/S9/S8/S7/S6/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 pro and other IOS machines and Android basic phones. Including contact information, photos, information, call records, photos, audio and video, all data can be synchronized from Samsung to iPhone 11 in a very short time.


Steps to Transfer Samsung Photos/Messages to iPhone 11:

Step 1: Open the Mobile Transer after installation, and select the “Phone to Phone transfer” mode.

Step 2: Connect the Samsung phone and the iPhone 11 to your computer.

Step 3: Please activate USB debugging mode in Samsung to accept permission request.
Select the photos/messages option in the list.

Steo 4: Click the start copy button to move all photos/messages from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11.

Method 2: Sync Samsung Photos/Messages to iPhone 11 with Move to iOS App

Fortunately, there is a move to IOS built-in app that helps move from the previous Samsung Galaxy to the new iPhone 11. With this app, users can transfer Samsung Galaxy’s contact information, Gmail, messages, photos and other data to the new iPhone 11. Supports most of the current files in the device, including contact information, text, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, calendars, and free apps.

Step 1: Open iPhone 11 and perform the settings.

Step 2: Select “Move Data from Android in the application and data screen. Then the code is displayed

Step 3: Move from Samsung machine to IOS.

Step 4: Please enter the code on the iPhone 11 screen.

Step 5: Select “contacts” in the data transfer screen.

Step 6: Click below to send all contact information from Samsung to iPhone 11 (pro, max).

Way 3: Sync Samsung Messages to iPhone 11 Using Phone Copier App

Phone copier is the right app you’re looking for to maintain Samsung Galaxy information on your new iPhone 11 after conversion. The iPhone has a version called mobiledit Use this app to move SMS between devices via Bluetooth (for Android), cloud, USB cable or WiFi connection. With phone copier, Samsung Galaxy information can be uploaded to cloud storage and downloaded to iPhone.

Install and run the application on both handles.

On Samsung, click cloud storage > upload. Create mobiledit cloud storage account and upload information to the cloud. Then you can download the information to iPhone with the same account.

Way 4: Video Guide for Transfer Samsung Data to iPhone 11